Michigan Sen Candidate John James "Democrats Care More About the Black Vote Than the Black People"

Career politician Debbie Stabenow is fighting to keep her seat in Michigan in what some are calling “the fight of her political life.” Why is she having to work harder in 2018 than she has before? Because, before, she wasn’t up against John James.


James is a young veteran who has created jobs for Michigan- in the auto industry. A lot of Michiganders are tired of watching our state fail, and James represents the next generation of leader who can turn things around.

As for that idea that black people can’t vote republican? John James is not here for that. In fact, he has a message about Democrats who expect black people to vote for them.

So, Joe Biden said Republicans don’t want black people to vote. I’m a Republican. want black people to vote. In fact, I want everyone to vote who’s eligible to vote…Countless people have died for our right to think and to vote for ourselves, yet Democratic leadership asks us to outsource our voice on a straight-ticket ballot to a godless party that neither represents our values nor our economic best interests.

We’ve marched from Selma to New York. We’ve rebelled from Watts to Detroit and ain’t nothing changed in 50 years. The Democratic party leadership cares more about the black vote than the black people, and it’s time to wake up. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Did you fangirl/fanboy? Maybe just a little?

James has also been speaking about his faith, which he told CBN News was a key factor in his decision to run.

“This whole race started on my knees. This whole thing started with praying for wisdom asking the Lord to not necessarily make my path easy, but to make it clear. He’s absolutely done that.”

He continued:

“I have the faith and belief that I may be in this position for a time such as this and it’s not because I’m anything special, but because God is preparing to do a great work in the state of Michigan.”

From your lips to God’s ears. Get out there and vote, Michigan!


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