Democrat Party Official on Republicans- "Bring Them to the Guillotines"

Leftists are getting a little unhinged, what with their advocating violence and whatnot. Case in point? William Davis, spokesman for the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party in Minnesota. On October 10, one Jeffrey Lemkin posted a timeline on Facebook, ending with “11.6: take your country back.” Davis commented with one more date “11.7: Bring them to the guillotines.”



His punishment? He’s been suspended for one week without pay.

Party executive director Corey Day says:

In a statement released by DFL Executive Director Corey Day, “The comment made my William Davis on social media this weekend was unacceptable. The DFL offers its apologies and assurance that these types of remarks by our employees are not the way we conduct our business.”

Oh, in that case, never mind. Just go ahead and say that they deserve to be executed. No worries. File this under “if a republican said it.”


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