Twitter "Re-Reviewed" and Locks Account that Threatened Dana Loesch's Children

Twitter has finally done the right thing and locked the account that threatened the lives of NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch’s children. Originally, they said that the tweet did not violate their rules, but now they’re changing their tune.


Loesch recently received the following e-mail:


We have re-reviewed the the account you reported and have locked it because we found it to be in violation of the Twitter rules…If the account owner complies with our requested actions and stated policies, the account will be unlocked.

Here’s the question, though: did Twitter just magically realize their error, or did they realize that this was bad optics and do the right thing? It shouldn’t take people expressing their outrage at the decision for Twitter to realize that threatening to murder children is wrong. That’s not a gray area in which Twitter just made the wrong call. Next time (because this will happen again), maybe they’ll just do the right thing. One can hope.


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