Netflix Version of Anne of Green Gables Adds LGBT Characters

In this undated photo, "Green Gables" is seen on Prince Edward Island, Canada. "Green Gables," set in a beautiful woods, has two featured walks: a "lover's lane" that meanders through a canopy of trees and over bubbling streams, and a "haunted woods" walk under tall trees that likely only seem menacing through the name's suggestion. "Anne of Green Gables" is a 1908 book by Lucy Maud Montgomery. (AP Photo/Jamie Stengle) Amelia Hamilton

The Netflix adaptation of the beloved children’s classic Anne of Green Gables is headed into its second series, and viewers are going to be seeing some changes in the small town of Avonlea. The show’s creator Moira Walley-Beckett says that, this year, there will be several LGBT characters.


The show, Anne With an E, will reveal Great Aunt Josephine Barry to be a lesbian this year. She will even be throwing a party that Walley-Beckett refers to as a “queer soiree,” featuring as a guest the real-life pianist and composer Cécile Chaminade. Walley-Beckett told IndieWire:

Cécile Chaminade is really torn from the pages of history. We didn’t invent anything about her really. The actress that we cast we rigged her to look like Cécile, we played one of her compositions, we hired a real pianist actually in the role. She was a feminist and a gay icon, and a composer, and she travels the world playing piano. So that’s how Jo would know her.

Anne will also have a new friend, Cole, an artistic young boy who is constantly bullied by classmates and even their teacher. Why the teacher, too? Again, Walley-Beckett told IndieWire:

In my mind their teacher Mr. Phillips has always been an unidentified closeted homosexual. He just has no idea that he was. I thought it would be fascinating to use Cole as a mirror for discovery on his part, and see the two different journeys of those characters.

As Queerty put it “Netflix has managed to get even gayer.”


Anyway, here’s the trailer.


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