George Washington University Students Petition to Change "Offensive" Nickname

At George Washington University, students have long been known as the “Colonials,” for obvious reasons. However, in 2018, colonialism is the SJW cause celebre, and it must be taken down, so students are suggesting “hippos,” “revolutionaries,” and “riverhorses” as alternatives.


A petition on started by student Rachel Yakobashvili reads:

We, as students, faculty, and staff of the George Washington University, believe it is of great exigence that the university changes the official nickname for its affiliates. The use of ‘Colonials,’ no matter how innocent the intention, is received as extremely offensive by not only affiliates of the university, but the nation and world at large. The historically, negatively charged figure of Colonials has too deep a connection to colonization and glorifies the act of systemic oppression

As of this writing, the petition has more than 300 signatures. If it gets to 500, the Student Association president will have to respond.

One student said that she signed the petition because:

GW shouldn’t be able to call itself “progressive” or “inclusive” when its mascot is a literal representation of the systematic extermination and oppression of global communities for white profit and power.

Another casualty of the culture war.


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