Bill Maher Blames Women for Sexual Assault

Pop this one in the “What if a Conservative Said It?” file. On Friday, HBO’s Bill Maher said that women are to blame for other women being sexually harassed. You see, if their wives only took care of their needs at home, they wouldn’t take out their sexual needs on unsuspecting women while out in the wild. Shame on these wives for not keeping their men, as he put it, “satisfied.”  I have two issues with that: the first is that not all predators are married, and the second is that this is stupid.


Even the liberal Joy Behar  disagreed. “They’re bored at home? No, that’s got nothing to do with it,” Behar said. “Let’s leave the wives at out of it. The wives are home minding their own business while these jerks are jerking off.”

The general public was not impressed:


Like I said- stupid.


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