Feminist Group Fundraises For Hurricane Abortions

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there are people without the most basic things like food, water, and shelter. There are incredible people raising money to help their neighbors get those things, and then there are people like the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity (whatever that means) raising money for…abortions.


That’s right, in a Facebook post on Thursday, they posted this:


We’re creating an emergency fund for Harvey survivors seeking abortion care. With increased barriers like temporary clinic closures, displacement, loss of homes/vehicles, and more, access to abortion just got even more difficult for those affected by Harvey. Donate to our emergency fund.

So, while people are fighting for their lives, the Lilith Fund is raising money to help people take lives from the most vulnerable. Despicable.

Meanwhile, groups like New Wave Feminists are working to empower women in this tragedy, gathering supplies and telling women they aren’t alone. New Wave Feminist’s Founder and President (and Texan) Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa told RedState

The fact that this group would use a natural disaster to fundraise is absolutely appalling. For so many struggling right now, they need to know that their fellow Texans are here to support them with resources and real help so that they can make nonviolent choices. Just because they’ve lost everything, that doesn’t mean their child has to lose their life.


Let’s work to support these women, not take advantage of the situation to tell them that they need to make a bad situation worse by making such a choice out of desperation. We are faced with two kinds of feminism here, and I know which side I’m on.


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