College Students Freak Out After Accidentally Rejecting Socialism

Students at Davidson College were offered the change to give socialism a try with their GPAs and soundly rejected it- then quickly retreated to their safe spaces when they realized what they’d done.


Posing as “Students for Educational Equality,” two students from the college’s chapter of Young Adults for Freedom circulated a petition suggesting that they take a couple of points off of the GPA of the top performing students and redistribute them to the lowest performing students so that everyone could graduate.

Of course, students thought this was insane (a professor was willing to sign it, though). They had a lot of questions for the YAF petitioners. What would prevent students from counting on getting this boost every semester? Why should students who worked hard be docked points while students who didn’t work as hard get points they didn’t earn? They were all great questions.

The College Fix reports that students were extremely upset when they realized they had accidentally rejected socialism. They called for a “teach-in” at the student union to discuss their feelings on the matter. In the video of this event, students denounce the YAF effort as “inflammatory” and unfair, making light of socioeconomic disparity of campus.


The YAF Chapter responded on their Facebook page saying:

It is simply an illustration of fruits of your labor and your being able to decide what happens with those fruits,” the statement continued. “Regardless of your level of income or academic achievements, what is relevant is that the fruit is yours and you should be able to decide what you do with it. Davidson Young Americans for Freedom stands for limited government and free enterprise, and we stand by our video.


You can watch it here:


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