Avoiding "The Handmaid's Tale" Future in One Simple Step

You’ve probably heard by now of The Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood set in a theocratic future where women are greatly mistreated, as well as the screen adaptation, which is Hulu’s latest offering. The left is acting as though the story is somehow a reflection of our current society and they are, predictably, collectively salivating over the comparison.


Let’s see what they’re saying:


-The Washington Post

“Chillingly Real.”

-The San Francisco Chronicle

“an unexpected relevance in Trump’s America.”

-The New York Times

“(The show) has reignited the interest of readers, who have been drawing fresh parallels between Gilead and Trump’s America, and the novel topped the Amazon bestsellers list around the same time that signs at the global Women’s Marches asked to ‘Make Margaret Atwood fiction again.'”

-The Guardian

Salon ran a headline proclaiming ““The Handmaid’s Tale”: A dystopian tale of female subjugation that hits close to home: Hulu’s new show about women forced to serve as pregnancy vessels resonates in these regressive times.”

” In April 2016, when Hulu first announced its plans to adapt the book into a television show, a Hillary Clinton presidency seemed forthcoming, and the novel’s setting, in a near future misogynist theocracy, seemed to be at a nice, safe, strictly metaphorical distance. Then Donald Trump was elected president. That nice, safe distance closed up in a hurry.”



I could go on, but you get it. Hyperbole everywhere.

Gather ’round, frightened citizens, and I will let you in on a little secret. There is one easy thing you can do to ensure that such a thing never comes to pass, and it’s something that conservatives (please note, I didn’t say Republicans) are already doing – vote for smaller government.

That’s right. The United States government only has as much power as we give it, and it is liberals who seem happy to hand that power over. “Education? All yours. Healthcare? Please control that for me! Countless other responsibilities not enumerated in the Constitution? Treat yo’self.” What they seem to forget is that every power they hand to government when their own are in power will still belong to the government when the opposition is in power. Are you afraid someone will brainwash your children in school? You shouldn’t have put government in charge of education. Afraid a President Trump (or, more likely, one further to the right) will make decisions about your healthcare? Stop begging the government to nationalize it. The only power that is safe is that you keep for yourself.


So, if you’re concerned that The Handmaid’s Tale is, as the advertisement proclaims “eerily timely,” it is entirely within our control to prevent such a thing from coming to pass. It is the most obvious thing in the world; we simply need to vote for smaller government.

But does anyone think those liberal outlets quoted above will endorse such a radical solution? I don’t either.



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