Italy Considers "Menstrual Leave"

While it’s true that being a woman isn’t always the most pleasant thing in the world, I’m happy with my lot in life.

Apparently, women in Italy don’t feel the same way and would like some special consideration for their delicate constitutions. That country’s parliament is debating a measure that would require employers to give paid menstrual leave to women who experience painful periods.

While some see this as a sign of progress, others see this as a reason employers may choose to hire men over women. As for me, I see this as women saying they can’t work because they’re women. Yes, many women have medical issues that make it legitimately difficult to function as a human being during this time, let alone work, and employers should be sensitive to that. If these medical conditions exist, the employer should work with his or her employee to find a way to work around her medical needs, just as with any other condition.

Having the government mandate that for all women, however, has two problems. The first of those is the government mandate. I hardly need to elaborate on that one (Government intervention bad. Freedom good). The second is the “all women” part. While some women have medical conditions, not all do, and not all of the women who do have a problem to this degree every month or on days which fall during their work schedule. To say that no woman has to work for three days during this time only minimizes the actual struggles these women genuinely experience.


Women are strong and capable, and this just coddles us for being women. We don’t need government officials to follow us around waiting for us to swoon. We’re fine. Pass on this one.





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