Christie Vetoes Planned Parenthood Funding, Calls for Investigation

From the diaries by Jeff.

In the aftermath of the New Jersey Planned Parenthood sting, the question as to whether NJ Governor, Chris Christie, would take appropriate action against the organization has been answered.


Following the release of a video that has received nationwide attention showing Planned Parenthood staff at a New Jersey abortion center helping alleged sexual traffickers cover up their crimes with abortions and STD testing, Governor Chris Christie has vetoed a bill funding Planned Parenthood.

It is to be noted that this is, in fact, the second time Christie has yanked taxpayer funding of the organiztion. Planned Parenthood has already had to close clinics in NJ, due to the funding squeeze caused directly by Governor Christie.

Furthermore, Christie’s office referred the matter to the New Jersey attorney general – who is now calling for an investigation of the incident.

Some in Christie’s primary campaign against Lonegan questioned Christie’s commitment to pro-life principles, but so far Christie has pushed all the right buttons, even going so far as to speak at a pro-life rally on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Now he is hitting Planned Parenthood where it hurts: investigating their corrupt practices and squeezing their pocketbooks.


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