WATCH: Audubon Society Clips Climate Change's Wings With a Singing Drag-Queen Bird Creature

Asociacin Ecosistemas Andinos

Nothing secures a win like teamwork, and a bunch of bird brains are partnering with climate minds to drag us to victory.

Life leads to interesting intersections; and for the sake of preserving the planet, the Audubon Society is rigging the road system. Just in time for Pride Month, the organization devoted to birds and their habitat has nested into allied hope for humanity.


The tweet-centric society tweeted thusly:

This #PrideMonth, Audubon partnered with drag queen and intersectional environmentalist Pattie Gonia to bring you #BirdsTellUs: The Song of the Meadowlark, a message of hope for the future of our planet as we face climate change… offers more:

For years, Audubon has reminded the world that by observing how climate change impacts birds, we can more clearly see how it has — and will — impact us. Birds tell us every day that the world is changing both through their songs and the songs they no longer sing due to habitat loss and global temperature rise.

If you’re a climate-change denier, open your mind to the tune of two minutes and 13 seconds. Proud and plumed Pattie takes to the field and flies in the face of environmental ignorance.

The songbird soars:


As for interpretation, it’s Sophie’s choice: The video imaginably intends to inspire, or it depicts an ecological disaster that transforms us all into meadowlark mutants. Either way, substantial change must take flight.

To that end, a bunch that’s bats for birds has hatched a #Prideful plan.

Beyond the rainbow, happy bluebirds fly:

For those who have followed the drag community, it won’t come as a surprise that Audubon and Pattie are collaborating: Pattie Gonia, the drag persona of Wyn Wiley, is an environmentalist who uses her platform to highlight issues around climate change and inclusivity in the outdoors. Specifically, Pattie wants more LGBTQ+ people to feel empowered to engage with nature and the outdoors. (It should come as no surprise that Wiley is also a committed environmentalist—he’s just not as over-the-top about it.)

“I’m genuinely so inspired by birds and together we could reach new audiences and queering the environmental space,” says Pattie when asked about why she wanted to partner with Audubon. “Collaboration is beautiful and rare. It takes so much time and energy, but so many new things are possible.”


Audubon Email Marketing Manager Nick Mason is psyched to have the bird-lady aboard:

“Getting to hear about why Pattie does what Pattie does really touched me. There’s a long history of queer people inhabiting spaces that are hidden. That are in the dark, that are in a basement or in a club. They are wonderful, inviting spaces that we can come to own and claim and make a bright and shiny thing.”

But just after Pattie’s eaten, take cover when she flies: That bright and shiny thing might have enough weight to dent the roof of your car.

Pattie’s a participant in “Let’s Go Birding Together, a queer-inclusive birding program.” And that’s notable due to gays’ and lesbians’ clipped-wing past:

[M]any of the people involved in the planning and execution of the (music video and and accompanying photo) shoot are part of the LGBTQ+ community — a group of people who have not always been welcome in the outdoors.

Nick hails the wonderful wide open:

“So to extend a hand [to queer people] and say ‘come outside with me’ is a collective invitation to really and truly come out. You know what I’m saying? That invitation is saying ‘I don’t want to restrict myself to spaces that are hidden. I want to be outside, with you.’”

Unfortunately, as they relish their long-sought freedom to finally gather in the great outdoors, we’ll all be incinerated in a fiery ball of death. Or at least that’s the forecast of some climate crusaders.


But ’til then, bird lovers, drag-queen armchair ornithologists, transspecies environmentalists and even RedState readers, spread your wings and fly — to The Song of the Meadowlark.

To the (brief?) future and beyond…



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