As the Nation Readied to Remember 9/11, a Major University Student President Wished 'Death to America'

On September 3rd, while many prepared to mourn the murder of nearly 3000 Americans, a major university leader took a decidedly different path.

As relayed by The College Fix, Niya McAdoo reposted to Twitter something you won’t likely hear before the National Anthem.


Followed by a smiley emoji, her morning message went thusly:

“Happy Friday, everybody. Death to America.”

Particularly notable is the fact that Niya is the University of Kansas student body president.

The macabre mention was retweeted by both the student senate account and that of @KUPresident.

Additionally, Niya shared an entry by political TikToker James Ray:

“The more you read American history, the more the whole ‘Death to America’ line sounds less like a terrifying, chaotic sentiment, and more like a perfectly rational, if anything remarkably reserved, statement.”

In light of the controversy, Niya told the Fix a governmental meeting is impending:

“[W]e will be having a full senate meeting next week on Wednesday that will live stream to our YouTube. Follow up on the re-tweet and the situation as a whole will be answered there! Thank you for reaching out.”

If a follow-up posting is any indication, don’t expect an apology:

“It’s very telling that more people are concerned with a re-tweet opinion and not the actual racial and sexual violence that has happened in student senate and on KU campus. Where is the outrage for Black and Brown folks? Where is the outrage for sexual assault survivors?”


That afternoon, Salem podcaster Todd Starnes pointed out the timing of Niya’s anti-America announcement:

“The student body president at the Univ. of Kansas retweeted, ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ just days after terrorists killed 13 American service members in Afghanistan.”

In response, she called to history:

“Please know that it is death to an America that was built on Indigenous genocide and the backs of Black slaves. If you’re worried about people in the service of the military, be mad at your government because my words shouldn’t make you this mad.”


It’s easily believable that’s the history she’s been taught.

It brings to mind a story from last month:

But what is America?

America is Niya. And the professor above.

America is comprised of people who, in many cases, aren’t for America.

Can America, then, persist?

It’s often made out as a malignancy:


Not long ago, Russia was the country’s most formidable foe.

These days, it seems it’s itself.

As covered by RedState’s Mike Miller, the National Archives and Records Association recently determined our founding documents — the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights — need a Trigger Warning.

The new label — “Harmful” — says a lot.

From Fox News:

Members of the National Archives’ task force on racism have recommended removing the “charters of freedom” description for America’s founding documents, such as the Constitution, arguing that it did not initially grant freedom for all individuals.

There’s a hole in the boat, and it doesn’t appear the Captain will go down with the ship:

Back to the University of Kansas, at least we’ve still got the First Amendment.

From the Fix:

“We are aware of social media activity by our Student Body President that has caught the attention of some members of the KU community,” a public affairs staffer said in an email… “The opinions in the student’s post are protected by the First Amendment. In addition, KU is committed to its role as a marketplace of ideas – including ideas that some individuals find offensive.”


Here we are — 20 years after weaponized planes crashed into us, destroying thousands of innocent lives.

At the time, somewhere amid terror, the country came together:

If it were to happen today, might the same occur?

I hope we never have to find out.

And also…we might not want to find out.



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