China Bans 'Sissy' and 'Girlie' Men From Entertainment

Matt Dunham

In China, they’re cracking down where toxic masculinity’s concerned.

That is to say, they want more of it.

At least, that’s the case if masculinity is toxic.


As reported by The Associated Press, the Chinese Communist Party has barred from television effeminate men.

It’s part of an 8-point plan, as stated by the government, to “further regulation of arts and entertainment shows and related personnel.”

The endgame: to push “revolutionary culture.”

The Powers That Be want to boost morality and strengthen society.

To that end, on Monday, the Red Dragon breathed fire on the gaming industry.

RedState’s Andrew Malcolm laid it out:

China’s National Press and Publication Administration issued strict new regulations…on video-gaming for the hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens younger than 18.

Deriding the online endeavor as “spiritual opium,” the country announced a three-hour limit on most weekends, and none during schooldays.

The CCP’s also nixing the promotion of “vulgar internet celebrities.”

In fact, programs about the children of celebrities are 86’d.

The government says performers with “lost morality” should be avoided by broadcasters.

And when China makes a decision, it doesn’t mess around:

On Saturday, microblog platform Weibo Corp. suspended thousands of accounts for fan clubs and entertainment news.

A popular actress, Zhao Wei, has disappeared from streaming platforms without explanation. Her name has been removed from credits of movies and TV programs.

Thursday’s order told broadcasters to limit pay for performers and to avoid contract terms that might help them evade taxes.


But don’t let it be said the state’s castrating culture.

In fact, it’s attempting to do the opposite.

Hence, as game-deprived youngsters more tenaciously tune in to the tube, the National Radio and TV Administration has relayed a message to media management: “[R]esolutely put an end to (Trigger Warning) sissy men and other abnormal esthetics.”

The agency employed the term “niang pao,” which translates to “girlie guns.”

Said feminine firearms are, in the view of China, “severely polluting the social atmosphere.”

Included in the ban: “idol development programs or variety shows.”

Reality performers are — in the words of the AP — “failing to encourage China’s young men to be masculine enough.”

Related to that, K-Pop groups such as BTS have found a powerful audience in the People’s Republic.

Would you call this machismo, or somewhere south of Tarzan:


Apparently, the Middle Kingdom wants its young males to grow some…need for longer loin cloths.

In pursuit of national success, China’s taking a notedly un-American approach.

As I relayed Friday, a recent Utah study prescribed the antidote to toxic masculinity: exposing our young sons to Disney Princess culture.

Furthermore, per Reuters, China declared that “a patriotic atmosphere [needs] to be cultivated.”


Meanwhile, we’ve got a bit of this going on:

In the arena of international affairs — if you had to guess — which country’s more likely to triumph?

Either way, we’re tryin’ to sock it to ’em:

As for China’s movie makeover, things aren’t looking great for the U.S.A.

While the East Asian behemoth bars less manly men, as noted by The Daily Wire, Hollywood “studios invite LGBT activist groups like GLAAD to consult on scripts in order to ensure gay, lesbian, and trans characters are present in acceptable numbers.”

Will our progressive fare make it past the censors to reach 1.4 billion paying customers?

Consider a candidate:



It’s no secret that we’re competing with China.

While they’re busy beefing up their boys, we’re arguing whether such a designation exists.

Still, I think we’ll make it to the top; it’s just going to take longer to get there.

After all — they only need worry about males and females.

On this side of the planet, it’s more complicated:



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