Meghan McCain Calls Continued Masking 'Stupid,' Predicts a 'Completely Divided America'

On Thursday, ABC talkfest The View delved into the ongoing issue of masking.

And according to Meghan McCain, people are sick.

Will we ever escape the pandemic?

Will life ever return to normal?


Those may constitute trick questions — according to co-host Whoopi Goldberg, there might be a way “out of this,” but that could require the abnormal continuation of masks.

Amid discussion of the CDC’s renewed call for face-covers, Whoopi asked Meghan, “Are the…mandates gonna be the only way out of this? Is it really gonna come down to, finally, ‘Everybody, put on your masks. We don’t care what you say’?”

McCain made an assertion with which many would surely agree — D.C. is ridiculous:

“When the mask mandate was re-enacted in D.C., I think I was just surprised because D.C. has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country, as well as having one of the lowest hospitalization and death rates. It’s very, very, very small.”

So what’s that say for the rest of us?

Nothing good:

“I think if you’re gonna enact these mandates in a place like D.C., if D.C. isn’t gonna enough in any of this, then I guess no other state will (be).”

Still, other areas are taking a very different approach:

“[M]y home state of Arizona, Gov. Ducey signed a law saying there will be no mask mandate in Arizona, and there will also be no vaccine passport.”

“So I think at this point,” she continued, offering talk of science and death rates.

Then Meghan interrupted herself with something a bit more, perhaps, instinctive:

“Look — I think this is stupid.”

Brass tacks:


“I don’t wanna wear a mask anymore.”

And what’s going to happen in the fall, if there’s a strong flu season and other variants?

It could be a real mess.

And part of the mess, to her, is mixed messaging:

“I had always been really trepidatious about what the future held because I felt like I had been — if not lied to, if that’s too extreme for all of you, just been given wrong information that was just amended and amended throughout this entire pandemic.”

That ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie.

In March of 2020, America launched into 15 Days to Slow the Spread.

Those 15 days…have spread.

Following the science has turned out to involve a path less than perfectly straight:

So how much longer can the country live in COVID mode?

Meghan seems to think we’re approaching a breaking point:

“There are…citizens of this country that aren’t going to do this. They aren’t gonna stand for this. And I do think what you’ll end up seeing is a completely divided America where people who don’t wanna live under these kind of restrictions…no matter the judgement of people on this panel and people in politics…are willing to take that kind of risk and live in a place that is freer.”

On the other hand, she surmised, “[W]e’ll see other people that are more comfortable living in places like D.C. and New York and California, that will continue to probably have mask mandates forever and probably [have] some form of lockdowns going into the fall.”


The division does look to be great.

In some ways — if not caused by COVID, at least assisted — we as a nation appear to be withering away.

Psychologically and sociologically, the masks aren’t making us more well:

Back to Meghan, she was direct:

“America is…mentally, emotionally, and spiritually sick, as well as having the virus of COVID.”

Many say McCain isn’t so conservative, but in this case, she’s most definitely…right.



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