Brown University Students Vote in Favor of Reparations for Those Who Descended From Slaves

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On Monday, students at Brown University voted to give reparations to descendants of slaves in relation to the school’s founders.

The Ivy League institution is named for Nicholas Brown, Jr., who was — as described by The Washington Free Beacon — an “anti-slavery merchant.”


However, attendees gave the thumbs up to two resolutions charging the school to do right.

Per the wording of one document, Brown must “identify the descendants of enslaved Africans who were entangled with and/or afflicted by the university and Brown family and their associates.”

According to the orders, once identified, the generational victims would be given direct payments, as well as prioritized admission.

The referendums — which notably passed to the tune of 85% and 89% — followed a Brown Daily op-ed that schooled all involved:

[R]eparations are not an unfair advantage or a form of unfounded preferential treatment; they are a means to recompense the setbacks that descendants of slavery contend with in the 21st century.

The two new measures also come on the heels of a campus-wide approval to “attempt to identify and reparate the descendants of slaves entangled with the university.”

But historian Sylvia Brown — a descendant of the Rhode Island Browns — has a bone to pick with people she apparently believes are boneheads.

Sylvia insists the college wasn’t founded on slavery, and forefather Nicholas was vehemently against the scourge.


Speaking of Rhode Island, it’s been trying to erase racism as well.

As noted by the Free Beacon, last year, the state changed its name from the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations to just the State of Rhode Island.

Back to Brown, this isn’t the first time the college has hit headlines for racial reasons.

As I covered last September, a researcher from the school vacationed to an Airbnb in Maine, only to find that the joint sported Trump signs in the yard.

The professor ended up posting an online list of “top symbols that invoke fear for Black people”:

  • KKK symbols and flags
  • Confederate flags and symbols
  • Police lights /blue lives matter flag
  • Trump signs and white terrorism slogans
  • USA Flag — yes, this is a symbol used in many places to scare Black people

She explained via Twitter:

“If they want to be racist, they need to post a complete picture so BIPOC know not to stay there. We need a greenbook for @Airbnb where we know we are safe.”

Hopefully, the campus vote is helping her feel more safe.

So, how’re the reparations gonna work?

To hear the Free Beacon tell it, that hasn’t quite all been figured out:


Brown University declined to comment about how proposed reparations money would affect the school’s $59,254 annual tuition, but a spokesman told The Washington Free Beacon that “the current work of Brown’s Task Force on Anti-Black Racism will make recommendations on more Brown can do to address the legacy of slavery.”

I’m sure they’ll do just that.



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