Japanese Olympic Committee President Warns the Addition of 'Annoying' Women Will Necessitate Limiting Their Talk Time

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Yoshiro Mori doesn’t like people who are annoying — you know…what’re they called?

Yoshiro recently must’ve had the word just on the tip of his tongue.


In search for the right term, he offered this…

…while speaking at a Japan Olympic Committee Council meeting:

“If we increase the number of female board members, we have to make sure their speaking time is restricted somewhat, they have difficulty finishing, which is annoying.”

Well, ya know, he couldn’t think of exactly the right word.

As further explanation, the elderly man pointed out that chicks have a “strong sense of rivalry.”

Unfortunately, some didn’t appreciate his attempt at crystallizing the situation.

In fact, to hear The New York Times tell it, his remarks sparked “unrelenting international criticism.”

C’mon, now…surely it relented at times.

Either way, the International Olympic Committee apologized.

Afterward — per the Times — it “issued a statement calling gender equality ‘a fundamental principle’ for the organization and citing gains in recent years to reduce significant gaps in the number of women versus men on its leadership bodies.”

The statement ended by “noting Mori’s apology, and saying that with it, ‘the IOC considers the issue closed.’”


On Friday, 83-year-old Yoshiro resigned.

It seems there was a fair number of those in his homeland who favored the move.

From CBS News:

A survey found about 60% of Japanese think Mori is unqualified to lead the Games. Inspired by early American suffragettes, female opposition lawmakers wore white jackets and roses in parliament to protest.

Almost 400 Olympics volunteers have quit and Tokyo City Hall has been inundated with angry phone calls. Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has said she will sit out a planned February 17 meeting with Mori and IOC head Thomas Bach, saying it “would not deliver anything really positive.”

Mori’s comments “made everyone feel uncomfortable at a time when we are trying to overcome the pandemic and gear up toward the games. I am very disappointed as the head of the host city,” Koike was quoted as saying by Kyodo News.

As of Wednesday, 145,000 people had signed an online petition protesting Mori’s actions and calling for corrective measures. Athletes here and abroad have called on him to resign.

He surmised Friday, “My inappropriate comments have caused a lot of chaos.”

I guess the committee learned its lesson — the older generation might not be as culturally sensitive as 2021 demands.


Welcome to the position Yoshiro’s handpicked replacement: 84-year-old Saburo Kawabuchi.

Good luck to everyone involved.

Just kidding — he didn’t accept the job.

Which leads me to the reason I wrote this article — I have a solid suggestion for Yoshiro’s replacement:



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