New Hampshire Woman Gets Her First Dose of the Vaccine - at 107 Years Old

New Hampshire Woman Gets Her First Dose of the Vaccine - at 107 Years Old
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It’s official: A woman in the East Coast town of Windham has received the COVID-19 vaccination.

On Sunday, Mary Dentler got her first dose of the two-part coronavirus immunity activator.

Mary hails from New Hampshire, and she hangs out at an assisted living facility.

She was probably relieved to get the shot — she has a lot to live for.

I can’t say for sure, but I’m assuming she’s got kids.

And, I would guess, grandkids.

And if I’m right, great grandchildren.

I’d also surmise she’s gotta stay in good health for her great, great granddaughters and grandsons.

And if I were her, I’d definitely want to keep well for my great, great, great grandbabies.

You see, Mary’s a senior citizen.

Very senior: She’s 107.

And now she’s halfway to being (hopefully) COVID-clear.

The lady knows a thing or two about pandemics — she was a kiddo during the 1918 Spanish Flu.

And thanks to what I imagine to be a near-impossible birthday cake candle situation (keep the fire extinguisher close by), she falls into her state’s first-priority group for vaccination.

That distribution plan puts residents receiving long-term care at the top of the heap.

As reported by WMUR9, Mary wasn’t sheepish to make nice with the needle.

In her own words:

“I wasn’t nervous at all and I’m glad it’s almost over. It was a busy day that went like clockwork. We are all very happy today.”

Windham Terrace Executive Director Lynda Brislin is also relieved:

“It has been a long road. Thankfully, today is the beginning of a new chapter down a brighter road. I am very thankful indeed.”

New Hampshire’s approach to crushing COVID follows a three-phase plan.

Per Channel 9, vaccinations for Phase1B — which covers approximately 225,000 people — are “expected to happen between January and March. People 75 years old or older, medically vulnerable individuals, staff and residents of IDD facilities and corrections staff will be included in that phase.”

Back to Mary, as noted by The Daily Caller, she’ll still have to be careful:

Though the vaccine have shown to be highly effective, health officials are advising those who get vaccinated to continue following COVID-19 guidelines and precautions…

Mary has one more reason to look after herself.

She should steer clear of the virus in order to accept any hot dates that might come her way.

At 107, she’s still quite the looker.

But if the fellas are yearnin’ for youth, they’d better make some fast moves.

Next week, she turns 108:

Happy early birthday, Mary.

See you on the other side of the Zombie Apocalypse.



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