Herschel Walker Bobsleds Over Biden's Hope of Helping Black Americans: 'He Had 47 Years'

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Among Joe Biden’s many accomplishments, is making the criminal justice system fairer for black Americans one of ’em?

Herschel Walker doesn’t think so.

In fact, the sports star absolutely disputes it.

If you weren’t aware, during Joe’s Thursday night town hall, a man asked the candidate about his remark that black Americans who don’t vote for him “ain’t black.”

The audience member posed thusly:

“Besides ‘You ain’t black,’ what do you have to say to young black voters who see voting for you as further participation in a system that continually fails to protect them?”

Joe returned:

“There’s two things I think that…I’ve demonstrated I care about my whole career. One is, in addition to dealing with (the) criminal justice system to make it fair and make it more decent, we have to be able to put black Americans in a position to be able to gain wealth.”

On Fox News program The Story with Martha MacCallum Friday, the host queried conservative America’s favorite athletic legend:

“Herschel, when it comes to helping the black community, Joe Biden says all you have to do is look at his record. I know you’ve looked at his record; what do you think?”

The Heisman winner said he was insulted:


“Well, it’s insulting. It is very, very insulting that he didn’t answer the question. And let’s look at his record. You know, I looked this up. And this is what’s so funny…”

Herschel pointed out something inescapable for any career Washington politician running for president — they had decades to make moves; if they haven’t made them already, why should anyone think they will now?

“Since 1976, almost every crime bill that’s been written, Biden had some affiliation with it. Last night, he talked about the crime bill, but he pointed it to the states. No, Biden, you had something to do with that.”

About the 1994 crime bill, Joe offered the following last May:

“Folks, let’s get something straight. This idea that the crime bill generated mass incarceration — it did not generate mass incarceration.”

CNN reports on the uptick:

Following passage of the 1994 crime bill, incarceration rates in the US continued to rise for more than a decade. … From 1973 to 2009, the incarceration rate in the US more than quadrupled, from 161 people to 767 per 100,000 nationwide, according to a study by the National Research Council.

There’s debate over the cause of that gargantuan growth, but Thursday, Joe admitted his support of the bill was a “mistake.”


Still, don’t call it an apology:

“But here’s where the mistake came: The mistake came in terms of what the states did locally.”

Back to Fox, as for Joe making the criminal justice system more fair and decent, the host asked Herschel, “You dispute that?”


“I totally dispute that because he had 47 years to make it more fair. Why hasn’t he made it fair? And, you know, being an African-American, we’ve been promised things for years…that have fallen short. So now we’re gonna give him a chance to get it correct today? When also, your running mate — not to be mean — she locked us up as well. So, guys, we need to wake up. And you know, I’m not sure what he’s gonna do, but he’s not really telling the truth right now, because he’s had 47 years to correct it. And he also was under a black president. So it would’ve made it easier for him to correct, but it wasn’t corrected. Well, now he’s gonna do it. So wake up, America.”

Joe’s late to the party:

“The prison reform was done by Donald Trump. You know, the historical black colleges was done by Donald Trump — which, he had a chance to do that. So it seems like everything he says that he wants to do that’s gonna be good, it’s done already by Donald Trump.”


And what does the bobsledding Olympian expect from our current POTUS during a second term? “Exactly what he said he’s gonna do.”


“[T]he Platinum Plan, and go ahead and invest $500 billion in African American communities where you empower the African American.”

Help, to Herschel, is opportunity:

“You don’t give ’em things, where you’re giving ’em fish. You teach ’em how to fish. Where you’re gonna create doctors, we create lawyers, we create educators in the African American community. Create black-owned businesses, black-owned churches. You do things like that to build up the African American community. And also, fight for America. [Bring] jobs back from Europe that [were] given away by the past administration. Bring ’em back to the United States, so we can get ready. Build up the middle class. That’s what this president is doing. Not what was done in the past — they didn’t do anything. This country was being sold down the river.”

If that wasn’t enough, the Mixed Martial Arts monster wants a national nod to a Higher Power:

“And also: Bring God back into this country. Because the Democratic Party was forgetting about God. Did we forget about that? They forget about law and order. Did we forget about that? [Joe] talked about law and order, as well — defunding the police. Well, now he’s talking about doing something for the police. Let’s be real.”


Herschel Walker’s a man with a mission. So is Joe Biden. Who ya got?!?!

Walker may not be running for office, but he seems determined to continue spreading his message.

And when it comes to competition, it seems there’s nothing he can’t do.



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