'Female Empowerment' Hotel Opens in D.C., and the Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg is...Something

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This Monday, Dec. 11, 2017, photo taken in New York shows the word feminism listed in the dictionary. Merriam-Webster has revealed “feminism” as its word of the year for 2017 on Tuesday, Dec. 12. (AP Photo/Peter Morgan)


If you’re waiting for a cultural celebration of flourishing masculinity, don’t hold your breath.

But female empowerment is all the rage.

Thus, a hotel in Washington, D.C. has reopened with a Girl Power attitude for the ages.

According to a press release, recently-renovated Hotel Zena is “a groundbreaking hotel dedicated to female empowerment.”

And yet, it’s also a safe space.

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust CEO Jon Bortz calls the new lady-laced lodging a “safe gathering space that celebrates diversity, respects different points of view, and opens the floor to topics worthy of meaningful conversation.”

If you’re not completely comfortable with flagrant feminism, proprietors are ready to burst your bubble:

“We know we’re pushing boundaries and might even make some people uncomfortable — and we’re okay with that.”

As part of the female features, guests can indulge in cocktails such as the “Earhart” and the “Empowermint.”

And if you wonder who’s providin’ the punch, several concoctions contain LGBTQ-owned Republic Restoratives’ Civic Vodka.

As for eye candy, Zena hired a women-owned design company specializing in creating financial opportunities for female artists.


In fact, as per the press announcement, all 60 onsite pieces were photographed, sculpted, painted, or sewn by “feminists of both genders around the globe fighting for human rights.”

Amid the art: a curved wall boasting “8,000 hand-pinned protest buttons supporting the fight for gender equality and women’s rights.”

The hotel’s “Wall of Honor” offers drawings of “historical and modern figures instrumental to the fight for gender equality and civil rights.”

Included: Hillary Clinton.

But there’s no such thing as a perfect 10: Eater Washington D.C. laments — perhaps ironically — the hotel missed a grand chance to put a woman in the kitchen:

Given its professed commitment to gender equity, Hotel Zena missed an opportunity to place a woman in a public-facing leadership position. U.S. Department of Labor statistics show that women represent just 20.8 percent of chefs or head chefs, and 38.5 percent of cooks.

That said, visitors may not much have food on the brain, thanks to a rousing rendition of Ruth Bader Ginsburg reverence.

Andrea Sheehan — founder of London- and Seattle-based Dawson Design Associates — truly inserted something special into the exhibit.

From DC.Eater.com:


Andrea…commissioned a massive pointillist portrait of late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that’s made out of 20,000 hand-painted tampons…

And in case you were concerned, all those absorbent feminine hygiene products were donated by — in the words of Eater — “organic tampon company CORA.”

There ya go.

So if you’re in D.C. and wanting the trappings of luxury without the punishing pitfalls of toxic masculinity, have yourself a Hotel Zena holiday.

You and your fellow all-gender feminists can kick back, have an Earhart, munch on something manmade, and take in 20,000 tampons.

It’s a celebration, after all.



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