WATCH: Little Kid Steals School Bus, Leads Cops on an Insane Chase

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When you were a child, did you ever wanna steal your parents’ car? How about a motorcycle?

What about a…school bus?

If an 11-year-old Louisianan’s dream was to commandeer a large, yellow, awkward education vehicle, on Monday, life got lucid.

As reported by Fox News, the Baton Rouge boy boarded the behemoth and — thanks to a push-to-start ignition — took off.

At some point, police got wind of the hijacking and hightailed it into hot pursuit.

But the kid wasn’t convinced to call it quits.

So he journeyed on — for 13 more miles.

According to Good Morning America, a dozen squad cars trailed.

And it wasn’t all felonious fun and games: GMA relays, “Police say the young suspect allegedly tried to hit another driver in his path.”

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

That’s particularly of note, given the prepubescent perp couldn’t even reach the pedals.

From The Daily Caller:

Police said the boy was too small to reach the pedals so was standing to drive…

Amid the action, the little larcenist participated in America’s recent protest of police:


Witnesses…reportedly shared that the young driver was seen flipping the bird to [law enforcement] during the chase, per WBRZ.

Nothing lasts forever, and the misconducting moppet’s automotive adventure came to a crashing halt courtesy of a colossal tree, at which point he was booked into juvenile detention.

Multiple charges include theft of a motor vehicle and aggravated assault.

On social media, one tweeter blamed the shutdown:

Poor kid — maybe he just ached for a return to the normal way of things.

Oddly, if we eliminate all prisons and police — as some say we should — junior’s joyride may be the new normal.

As we anticipate that anarchical turn, kids, try to stay from behind the wheel — all the bad driving’s already being more than taken care of by the adults.


That includes the helming of many in government.



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