Defund the Police? One State Senator Says Defund Any Cities That Do

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Demonstrators paint the words ‘defund the police’ as they protest Saturday, June 6, 2020, near the White House in Washington, over the death of George Floyd, a black man who was in police custody in Minneapolis. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


How about all those cities that wanna defund the police? A North Carolina senator says defund them.

As reported by the Asheville Citizen-Times, Republican state Sen. Chuck Edwards announced the impending introduction of a bill — his first for the coming legislative season — that would defund the defunders.

According to Chuck, it’s a matter of public safety. And the state’s got leverage:

“We must maintain law and order. While municipalities have control over their local budgets, the state legislature also has control of its budget, and I intend to help create an environment where public safety is a priority.”

Pertaining to the promotion of police, The Daily Wire notes one NC town’s been a bit of an outlier:

Edwards’ proposed legislation comes amid turmoil in Asheville, a liberal bastion in the otherwise conservative western part of North Carolina. Edwards’ district shares a county with Asheville, which has drawn national attention recently for its city council’s calls for reparations and defunding of the police. Earlier this week, the city council agreed to defund the city’s Police Department by 3%, or $770,000.

As I covered in July, the city admitted to “a bunch of terrible acts against black people.”

Per the language of the Resolution Supporting Community Reparations for Black Asheville, black residents:

  • have been consistently and widely impoverished by discriminatory wages paid in every sector of the local economy regardless of credentials and experience
  • have experienced disproportionate unemployment rates and reduced opportunities to fully participate in the local job market
  • have been systematically excluded from historic and present private economic development and community investments and, therefore, black-owned businesses have not received the benefits of these investments
  • have been segregated from mainstream education and within present day school programs that include AG, AP, and Honors
  • historically and presently receive inadequate, if not detrimental, health care as exemplified by disproportionate morbidities and mortality rates that result from the generational trauma of systemic racism, discriminatory treatment by medical professionals, and discriminatory medical practices such as involuntary sterilizations, denial of adequate testing, denial of preventative and curative procedures
  • have been unjustly targeted by law enforcement and criminal justice procedures, incarcerated at disproportionate rates and subsequently excluded from full participation in the benefits of citizenship that include voting, employment, housing and health care
  • have disproportionately been forced to reside in, adjacent to, or near Brown Zones and other toxic sites that negatively impact their health and property

And that’s only part — see the full confessional here.

In light of the above atrocities, will black citizens be helped by a lessening of lawfulness?

Regardless, local cops have been served a definite dig — this week, a coffin full of manure was left in front of the police department.

Chief David Zack called it “threatening imagery.”

Here’s more, as relayed by WLOS:

“We’ve seen tombstones left at elected officials’ homes, we have seen wanted posters distributed through the city. One of the individuals who is on the wanted posted in addition to myself is now in the hospital with a skull fracture. Now this. … One of our protesters left this (knife) in the street last night. So, this is the reality. This does not affect change. It promotes and incites violence.”

On Thursday, GOP congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn denounced the anti-cop antics in an article for TDW:

A violent protest in Asheville, North Carolina, on Wednesday night resulted in serious injuries to bystanders and a brain injury to a journalist who works for SKYline News, a local outlet. Chad Nesbitt, a personal friend of mine, routinely puts his health and well-being on the line to bring factual news about real issues to the people of western North Carolina.


“Sadly,” he wrote, “these violent acts are becoming more common, especially in many Democrat-controlled cities. As cries to defund or abolish the police have risen in cities like Asheville, public order and safety have fallen. On the same night Chad was injured, two police officers were shot by members of Antifa in Louisville, Kentucky.”

Back to Sen. Chuck’s proposal, will it stop defunding in the state? We may get to find out.

Personally, I’ve long believed in the need for American law enforcement reform. That doesn’t change, of course, a simple fact: If you decrease the deterrent to crime, you should only expect to get more of it.



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