Party Over: Man Gets a Year in Prison for Hosting Two Pandemic-Prohibited Get-Togethers

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Amid the sci-fi movie in which we’re currently living, Type A personalities are the new unlucky and oppressed.

Just ask Shawn Marshall Myers of Maryland.


Apparently, the guy couldn’t keep himself from calling together other party people for a pandemic-prohibited bash — twice.

Officials didn’t appreciate Shawn’s outgoing personality, so he was arrested.

His crime x2, as per the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office: failure to comply with an emergency order.

As noted by The Daily Caller, the gregarious guy was sentenced by a district court judge to one year in prison.

Beyond his time in the joint, Shawn’ll enjoy three additional years of unsupervised probation.

I guess they wanna make sure the social butterfly doesn’t slip into an undetected cocoon.

As for details of his dastardly deeds, on March 22nd, the 42-year-old reportedly hosted 50 people — 40 more than allowed by Gov. Larry Hogan.

Cops came, and after an argument, he agreed to shut down the shindig.

Five days later, police returned.

The new blowout boasted 50+, and officers say he “was argumentative, claiming he and his guests had the right to congregate.”

His refusal to cooperate ended with him cuffed.


Now he’s booked for the hoosegow ’cause he couldn’t respect community health.


At present, Maryland’s seen a total of nearly 123,000 COVID cases. Deaths per 1 million: 649.

No word on how many cases Shawn caused, but if Maryland follows New York’s lead in the future of our seemingly endless lockdown, we may see a situation where a man is released from prison because of the coronavirus, who went to prison because of the coronavirus.

And such will feature as a fitting complement to the Twilight Zone within which we also seem to be stuck.

I’m not sure how Shawn handled himself in court, but perhaps he’d have done well to make something clear: Both events were protests.

After all, it appears those have been fine all along:


Speaking of fine, Shawn was also ordered to pay $5,000.

In this confusing time, here’s wishing you good luck.

Party on — but only with 9 other people. Unless your governor says different.



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