Herschel Walker Issues a Bold Challenge to Athletes Endorsing Black Lives Matter

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Herschel Walker Explains His Trump Support


Herschel Walker has a message of truth.

The man’s become a standout athlete in a wholly different way.

Over the last couple years, the biological anomaly — NFL legend, Olympic bobsledder, MMA senior stunner — has made quite the name for himself concerning the issues of the day.


Herschel’s a pro-Trump, patriotic American in favor of law and order.

None of those things should stand out, but among public figures as of late, some might say the last two have become downright peculiar.

Herschel brought his unique brand of old-school normalcy to Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures with a a comment or two on Black Lives Matters™ and patriotism.

The Heisman winner said he felt “guilty” after BLM co-founders Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza identified as “trained Marxists.”

They certainly haven’t hidden it:

But as for national reporting, it’s not been widely discussed.

Herschel wants to get out the truth:

“I felt so guilty because I always consider myself a person to tell the truth. And I said, I haven’t been telling the American people the truth because… I didn’t hear anyone ever tell me that [they were] a trained Marxist.”

“Black Lives Matter,” of course, has been printed on NBA courts.


Do those courtside words refer to a concept or to the official anti-nuclear-family organization?

If the latter, Herschel has a message for the day’s prominent sportsters:

“All you athletes out there, all you companies, all you professional teams that’s promoting BLM. Are you telling me that you’re promoting someone that said that they’re trained Marxists?”

In Herschel’s view, anyone favoring BLM and aware of the group’s convictions should be up front — clarify they don’t believe in American values. Among those: religion.

Herschel also spoke on his friend of nearly four decades — Donald J. Trump — and spreading the truth about the Commander-in-Chief’s character:

“I’ve known him for 37 years. The truth is he is not a racist. The truth is he loves the United States of America. I”m tired of people listening to his tweets saying that that’s the type of man he is, because he’s not. Look at the action that he does.”

The narrative has been stunning — lifelong Democrat Trump was hailed in rap songs. He wrote the foreword to black cultural influencer Russell Simmons’s autobiography.

He was a media darling.


But the moment he added an “R” to his name, the world learned Hitler was among us. History revision went into overdrive.

Speaking of, here’s what drives Herschel:

“I’m a guy who believes in the Lord Jesus. I believe in my family. And I love America.”


“I’m going to fight for it. I’m going to do what I can to tell the people the truth.”

I believe him. If there’s one thing you can be sure of where Herschel Walker’s concerned, it’s that he’s a fighter.

And he will not quit.



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