Continuing Along Our Path: 90-Year-Old Statue of Jesus Is Destroyed Because It Was Too White

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A hole is seen in the dome inside Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Firefighters declared success Tuesday in a more than 12-hour battle to extinguish an inferno engulfing Paris’ iconic Notre Dame cathedral that claimed its spire and roof but spared its bell towers and the purported Crown of Christ. (Christophe Petit Tesson, Pool via AP)


It was bound to happen: If statues are being knocked down across the country because, in part, they’re white — which, we’re progressively told, is itself a symbol of racism — how long before they come for….Jesus?

After all, some have decried for quite a time the overly-Caucasian look of the man in paintings adorning churches and homes nationwide.

Apropos, in Texas, a house of worship is missing its Sacred Heart of Jesus effigy, which stood in the church’s beautiful sanctuary.

The 90-year-old figure was pulled down and smashed by a man officials have identified as El Paso resident Isaiah Cantrell, 30.

As relayed by KVIA, he told cops why he did it.

The reason was simple:

“Jesus was Jewish and therefore should be a darker skin color.”

Therefore, around 10 a.m. Tuesday, St. Patrick Cathedral lost a near-century old piece of art.

Fox News notes, “The vandalism left church leaders stunned.”

In a statement, Rev. Trini Fuentes marveled:

 “I am in shock and we at the cathedral are heartbroken over such an unexpected situation.”

Bishop Mark J. Seitz mourned the incident as well:

“This statue is one of my favorite representations of Jesus — his arms open wide in welcome, his heart aflame with love for us. I would often take inspiration from this image as I prepared for Mass. … [A] statue, particularly this statue, concretizes and connects us to persons and ideals that are not visible to our eyes. They reveal to us realities that are close to us, but unseen.”


As for the shocking nature of the situation, the ministers — like the rest of us — will have to adjust to our new era of allowance: In major cities, mobs have been taught private property won’t be protected. Governments have made the calculated decision to allow anarchy — rife with physical destruction and a commandeering of others’ things — in prominent ways.

Surely, therefore, more is to come.

The El Paso Times reports suspect Isaiah has a criminal history dating back at least to 2010, consisting of drug charges and driving while intoxicated.

He was arrested Sept. 4th by University of Texas at El Paso police, and he’ll now add assault on a peace officer, criminal trespassing and resisting arrest, search or transportation.

Isaiah was released the same day as his detainment, on bonds totaling $5,000.

That means he’ll likely be free October 31st, when he can trick or treat as the heavy metal drummer of his choice:

One band I wouldn’t recommend, given his crime: Saint.

Despite the church’s loss, Bishop Mark indicated — perhaps inadvertently — that what the statue represents can’t be destroyed:

“At this point we do not know anything about the person who carried out this assault, but he certainly must be a person who is greatly disturbed to have attacked this peaceful place in our city and this image of the King of Peace. I hope this might be the impetus for him to receive the help he needs. He will be in my prayers.”




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