Protestors Take City Hall and Replace Rochester's American Flag With a Real Head-Scratcher

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Communists burn American flag in Washington, D.C.


It was a riotous scene in Rochester.

Following the recently-revealed, controversial death of Daniel Prude — the Chicago man hooded by New York cops while naked and on PCP — protestors have been out in force:


And on Tuesday, a crowd outside City Hall demanded the resignation of Democratic Mayor Lovely Warren, among others.

Amid recent revolutionary violence, a group marched from the Public Safety Building to the Hall, where they blocked the doors, according to Spectrum News reporter Brianna Hamblin.

Furthermore — and here’s a statement — protestors took down the American flag.

Their choice of replacement was odd, given the occasion.

Up the pole went…the pennant of the LGBTQ.

It brings to mind a recurring question: Who are the protestors, against what are they revolting, and what is their mission?

On the pole right beside the multicolored emblem: a Black Lives Matter banner.

The audience cheered as the rainbow was roped into the sky.

However — as relayed by The Daily Wire — there was a dissenter in the bunch: an elderly man.


He yelled out to them, “We all are Americans!”

The gentleman believed the Stars and Stripes should stay:

“We are not fighting against each other. This sh– is no good! We are fighting for two flags: Black Lives Matter and the American flag.”

He shouted at a younger man, “Shut up!”

Back to major resignations, here’s  more from the Wire:

Aside from the demand that Mayor Warren resigns, protesters have also demanded the resignation of Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley.

Sandra’s been clear — she won’t step down:

“Last year, I was re-elected by the people of Monroe County to serve as the District Attorney,” she responded in a statement. “Upon signing the Oath of Office, I made a pledge and a commitment to the people of this community that I will serve as the District Attorney to promote justice and public safety. I have no intention of resigning and will continue to serve the residents of Monroe County.”


It’s one thing to call for officials to vacate their seats, and virtually everyone wants justice for all.

It seems to me, though, when those taking over city government space remove the flag of the United States and replace it with their own, justice is a far cry from the initiative.

The goal is something different. And, if I had to guess, worse.

Much worse.

But what is it? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the Comments section.



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