Washington's 'F the Police' March Sees a Young Man 'Pig Fishing' in Cops' Faces

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A person holds up a sign advocating for defunding the police as people gather to mark Juneteenth, Friday, June 19, 2020, in St. Louis. Juneteenth is the holiday celebrating the day in 1865 that enslaved black people in Galveston, Texas, learned they had been freed, more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


Call it a sign of the times.

Language Warning below…

If you weren’t aware, Washington D.C. purportedly enjoyed a weekend “F— the Police” march.

As reported by News2Share’s Ford Fischer, Saturday saw the ball start rollin’.

But don’t get the agents of animus wrong — they’re a bunch of softies:

“Right now: Protesters are kicking off a ‘f*** the police’ march in DC. Beforehand though, they’re holding a mutual aid station where they’re handing food and other resources and even giving massages to people in need.”

Speaking of things that squish, one revolutionary brought a novel kit.

Tweeter Jason Charter carried a fishing pole — baited with a doughnut so as to catch law enforcement.

Ford noted, “The main group is still planning their event, but antifascist activist [Jason Charter] is already ‘pig-fishing’ by offering cops a donut on a fishing rod. None of them took the bait – literally.”


Can you imagine going up to cops with such a rig?

The incident says a lot: about the strengthening cop-hate among a group — so far as I can tell — jazzed to start a revolution; and also about the stunning emboldenment toward taunting men with guns.

I don’t imagine either situation existing — under any possible circumstances — 30 years ago.

But here in 2020, Mr. Charter wrote as if he’d commandeered a boat:

“Today I went pig fishing. I almost got one to take the donut.”

Such a transformation across decades might partially be chalked up to education — over the last several years, we’ve heard tremendous talk of “students’ rights.”

In school and out, kids have been taught they can really stick it to the adults.

And in adult society, some folks in functional authority carry badges and Glocks.

So sock it to them, too — it’s your right.


To hear him tell it, Jason’s against black people. And also, he’s absolutely for black people. Except the other black people:

I’ve theorized for a while that those in the streets are agitators — as opposed to protestors, who — by contrast — have a particular problem pinpointed and a specific solution contended.

Some, I believe, just want to latch on to the dissent of the day.


Back to his pole and string, of course, the pork label is a definite dig.

But as for Jason’s bait, I don’t see the insult.

I’m no cop, but on most days, you could absolutely catch me with a doughnut — particularly a Krispy Kreme cream-filled ring.


As for what’s filling America’s black-suited ninjas, it appears to be boldness and a disgust for others — two things not well-mated.

And if something doesn’t change, we’re all going to be on the hook — for the damage done to America by our kosher komrades.



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