Revolution Rap? The Mob Releases a Rhyme About Ted Wheeler, and Its Message is Unprintable

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Sometimes you just can’t catch a break.

Politicians are poised for hate from one group or other, and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s certainly garnered his share.

But rioters shouldn’t be among them — after all, the mayor’s appeared more intent upon appeasing the lawless taking the street than the law-abiding hiding at home.

Apropos, on August 28th, RedState’s Nick Arama penned the following:

Riots went on in Portland for 93 days and the response of Mayor Ted Wheeler was completely lacking in any real effort to stop it.
Wheeler embraced the protests and spent more time trying to blame the federal response rather than blaming the rioters and actually doing anything.

And yet, he’s not exactly received a box of Russell Stover from the chaotic crew.

Although, Ted was recently treated to a fireworks extravaganza outside his apartment complex.

It was a downright panoply (Language Warning for all the videos below):

The party was hot:

It was a real bash:


The event was lit:

Party on…


Yet, he was evidently less than impressed.

As relayed by Townhall last week, “The Democratic mayor of Portland…is moving from his $840,000 condo to avoid rioters who have repeatedly targeted the building, according to a report.”

And despite his being repeatedly on their side, the mob continues to whack Wheeler.

Hence, after 100 nights of permitted mayhem, the artists of anarchy have now churned out some rhythmic rudeness by way of a rap release.

Ladies and Gentlemen, following an especially huge Language Warning, I give you a snippet of the new single with an unmentionable assertion.

For those who wish to avoid the vulgarity, suffice it to say, the message is, “Forget Ted Wheeler.”

Dance around that incinerating mattress, shirtless man:

It’s not the anarchists’ only use of recent rhyme to vent their woke woes.

Late Saturday night, an online clip captured a lamenting lyricist’s lip against law and order — performed directly in the face of a riot-geared cop like a 1978 Leif Garrett to a bell-bottomed 12-year-old:

Perhaps it’s a new genre — Riot Rap.

Meanwhile, the mayor can’t seem to get a governed grip on his town.

And so the city rolls on ’til the wheels fall off…or the Wheeler does.

P.S. That last performance came to an unfortunate end:



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