Fox Contributor Filets Biden and Harris Over Riotous Silence at the DNC

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event at the William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Del., Tuesday, July 28, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


On Wednesday, Fox News contributor Lisa Marie Boothe appeared on Outnumbered to discuss Biden and riots across the country.

The way Lisa sees it, Joe doesn’t care about deadly violence by far-Left revolutionaries — if he did, he would’ve addressed it during the Democratic National Convention:

“Look — we know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t care about the violent riots, because they didn’t mention it the week of the DNC convention. They had America’s attention. They could’ve condemned it. They could’ve talked about it.”

She’s certainly right about a missed opportunity. In fact, I might go so far as to guess the Party of the Donkey served up the most bizarre major political convention of the last 50 years. The telecast came across as an especially sterile, uber-uncomfortable telethon; the content provided little to no plan for America in lieu of, “Look, we all know Donald Trump is destroying Planet Earth, so just vote Biden/Harris”; and if not for widespread video to the contrary, viewers might’ve had no idea major cities were engulfed in murderous chaos.

Dems had a golden opportunity: They were facing an incumbent while the country was going up in flames.

Yet in response, they made an informercial as if there was no smoke from Modesto to Manhattan.

And — as Lisa pointed out — there’s been not only madness, but murder:


“We had already seen people like (federal officer) Patrick Underwood, (retired police Captain) David Dorn, and (8-year-old) Secoriea Turner lose their lives to the violence that had been happening. No mention — no mention until it became a political liability for their campaign.”

Right — apparently, polling has confirmed it: Voters aren’t too happy with brutal mobs taking over.

Meanwhile, Lisa said, Democrats are investing in division:

“Further, we’ve heard a lot from Democrats that President Trump is increasing racial tensions in the country. What do you think it does when you have Joe Biden and Democrat Gov. Tony Evers putting out a statement about Jacob Blake invoking race, when there’s no evidence that the shooting of Jacob Blake had anything to do with race? We don’t know if it was racially motivated. Further, no talk about what the Kenosha Police Association put out. And the fact, the reason the police were there. According to them, of course. But the fact is, there’s a compelling other side of [the Blake case] that we don’t hear from Joe Biden, that we don’t hear from Tony Evers. So they are actually the ones who are stoking the fire and who are stoking divisions in the country, and they should be condemned for doing that.”

Why would those running for office not condemn destruction of citizens’ property and the snuffing out of innocent life?


Might it be because they want their vote? Or could it be the far Left — a side not wholly detached from this year’s Democratic offering — is the cause of said anarchy?

Points worth pondering — for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, if they want levers soon pulled in their favor.

It seems to me that condemning the chaos as having been caused by Trump isn’t a winning approach.

They need to look at their own side. And denounce criminals who’ve never owned a MAGA hat.

But I doubt they will.



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