Portlanders in Need Had to Fend for Themselves, and You Won't Believe Just One Night's Crime

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Federal officers are surrounded by smoke as they push back demonstrators during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse Wednesday, July 29, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


You’ve seen the violence in Portland. You’ve witnessed the chaos caught on tape. The cops have their hands full.

So what happens, then, when people outside the chaos need police?

It turns out they have to go it alone.

As reported by The Daily Caller, on Sunday night, 35 officers had to abandon patrol duty after a riot was declared.

That led to 80 other emergency calls being put on hold.

On Monday, the Portland Police Bureau issued a statement detailing the night’s insanity.

Twenty-three people ages 19-44 were arrested, for crimes including assaulting a public safety officer, interfering with a peace officer, and escape in the third degree.

The statement noted:

Two North Precinct awnings were lit on fire, and officers were targeted by protesters with sharp chunks of ceramic, rocks, mortars, and powerful lasers during a riot Sunday evening into Monday morning.

Other highlights:

Individuals in the crowd immediately lit a fire in a dumpster and pushed it into the intersection of Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard and Northeast Killingsworth Street. Individuals also took a flatbed trailer and rolled it to Northeast Emerson Street. They set up the trailer on its side as a shield. The burning dumpster was rolled to Northeast Emerson Street and was also moved to shield the protesters. … [I]ndividuals began throwing chunks of ceramic, rocks, and glass bottles in the direction of the officers. Green lasers, which are capable of causing permanent eye damage, were shined at officers. … The police vehicles were struck by thrown bottles, paint bombs, rocks, and heavy metal screws. … [N]ortheast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard was blocked to vehicular traffic in both directions. … As officers were preparing to move the crowd, someone lit a canopy against the building on fire. … A second awning was also lit on fire close to a tree. … A sergeant was struck in the head with a helmet.


So goes peaceful protesting these days.

And let’s not just gloss over this:

At least one balloon filled with feces was thrown at officers on the roof of the building.

Here’s what I wanna know — or maybe I don’t: Exactly how did that balloon get filled?

Team work? Someone wears dishwashing gloves and stretches it open for a friend?

The balloon — not the friend.

Regardless, around 10:30 p.m., cops declared an unlawful assembly. Not many took advantage of the chance to leave, which led to a declared riot at 11.

“Due to the extreme threat to life safety and the aggression of the crowd,” police deployed tear gas.

Meanwhile, as people took part in a mysterious revolution, others were in need.

As a reminder, here’s what a Portland Sunday night looked like less than a year ago:


The change is a bold move, but it’s what the city’s allowed.

And, it appears, what it’s going to keep allowing.

I’d guess that’s set to result in, not just the same thing, but perhaps more than we’ve had up ’til now.

And if I had to guess, all of this — courtesy of Democratic leaders in major cities — isn’t going to help Biden win the election.

Voters don’t want to be put on hold when they call 911. And they don’t want to need the number whenever they go downtown.

We’ll soon see…




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