Portland Rioters Promise Residents They're Never Going to Sleep - and Something About Someone's Mother

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A federal officer fires crowd control munitions at Black Lives Matter protesters at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse on Friday, July 24, 2020, in Portland, Ore. Since federal officers arrived in downtown Portland in early July, violent protests have largely been limited to a two block radius from the courthouse. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)


Wake up, America: Protestors demand it.

There’s a version of the country sitting somewhere in our past — it can be seen in 8mm home movies.

It’s one of families and patriotism and wholesomeness. It’s parades and reunions. It’s ice cream and jubilee.

And it’s one, in my view, far superior to our current state.

In Portland Thursday night, the nation got a pointed reminder of where we are — in case you’d for a moment forgotten.

As reported by The Daily Caller, over the past 80 days, at least 13 riots have been declared in the city. The latest occurred in front of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement building.

Journalist Brenda Gutenschwager videoed a pre-riot “police disturbance” march, in which the revolutionaries vowed to keep up the community.

They shouted their promise:

“I ain’t gonna sleep ’cause of ya’ll, ya’ll never gonna sleep ’cause of me.”

It sounded pretty good for a minute, but then the drums got ahead.


The march offered a certain rhythmic exuberance, if one could overlook the public disturbance aspect of it…

And the jamboree’s vulgarity.

One of the crowd’s choice chants:

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up, mother****er! Wake up!”

Motorists — like residents — might not have been too pleased.

And who was holding all the kiddos’ ears?

Participants reportedly stopped outside the Portland Police Association building to mention March’s egregious victim of a controversial no-knock-warrant raid gone horribly, horribly wrong:

“Say her name! Breonna Taylor!”

It’s great that Breonna’s being remembered — her death is a hideous injustice.

Also, a question lingers: What’s the hoped-for result of calling to a victim of tragedy in Kentucky while facing a building in Oregon? Or marching in the night promising to deprive innocents of sleep?

It seems we’ve long ago ceased receiving any such info.

And as for people being unable to rest, some in politics are requesting more:

Throughout America’s history, protests have been held with pinpoint intention: “This is happening, and here’s its science of fact. This is the accessible thing we believe can and should be done in its place.”

It appears that’s a paradigm no longer practiced, and instead — so far as I can tell — there’s a new kind of party: a celebration of commandeering the streets.

If there’s a doable objective, it’s being withheld.

But there’s always tomorrow.

For now, if you live in Portland, wake up. And plan to stay awake. No matter who you are — even if you’re a woke mother******.



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