A Mysterious End: Woman Who Livestreamed Her Own Looting Gets Somehow Found Out

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An impressively daring try comes to a confounding conclusion.

As I covered on August 10th, a Chicago woman made a recent move I’ve never before seen: She videoed herself committing a crime and posted it to the internet.

Amid colossal looting in Chicago, the lady documented her theft of high-end fashion in an upper scale department store:

At one point, she made an announcement:

“I got merch for sale, baby!”

All of that went out to the web, which is to say, the entire globe.

And as it turns out, it’s true what they say: There’s no such thing as the perfect crime.

As reported by the Windy City’s CBS2, after publicly displaying her crime to all of Planet Earth, a tip has led to her arrest.

A tip to the Looting Task Force police set up after the chaos led to the arrest of Taeshia Rochon, 22, police said.

But can she get a fair trial? What if the judge is a Facebook friend:


In Central Bond Court Monday, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office said Rochon posted two Facebook live videos of herself inside a Nordstrom and Sunglass Hut during the looting on Monday, Aug. 10.

Her social media’d shoplifting was part of a massive move by loads of looters.

Watch yourselves during this year’s Black Friday — ladies and gentlemen, I give you the modern shopping spree:


Taeshia’s been given a $4,000 D Bond, which means she’ll have to fork over 400 bucks to be released before trial.

Perhaps she was able to make 4 Bils off that high-end hoodie.

Either way, she’s gained some new apparel: The accused will be wearing an electronic monitor — not too unlike the ones she and the gang were able to cut off of merchandise.

As per The Daily Caller, the online absconder was charged with two felony counts of looting and two felony counts of burglary.

Some might say the livestreamed lifting was a glaringly bad decision, but maybe she couldn’t tell — she was probably wearing her shades from the Sunglass Hut.




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