Mike Huckabee Wants AOC to Have Much, Much More Time at the Convention

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U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. speaks during a news conference, Friday, May 1, 2020, in the Bronx borough of New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)



Mike Huckabee wants AOC to have her say.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez occupies a unique space in the politiverse. Less than two years ago, she came out of nowhere from behind a bar in New York and won a congressional election. The economics student then quickly released a plan to save America — involving no one having to work, redoing every structure in the United States, and not flying in planes.

She talked to people about it — whenever she flew somewhere.

And now she’s set to speak at the Democratic National Convention.

Unfortunately, the 30-year-old was only offered a 60-second spot.

As reported by The Daily Caller, Mike Huckabee believes she deserves much more.

On Fox News Tuesday, the former Arkansas governor laid out a recipe for success — for Republicans, not Democrats.

About the convention, host Melissa Francis offered the following:

“Look how much time you’re giving AOC, who brings energy and excitement to the party and may or may not be the future of the party. Certainly, she’s more part of the party than John Kasich.”

Mike’s troubled by the snub, too:

“I’m kind of bummed they’re only giving her a minute. I think you should get her 40 minutes. Let her talk about the Green New Deal and how much that’ll cost every single American family. How much it’ll cost to get things delivered to your door when we do that. I would love to have her explain how raising taxes and chasing people out of New York has really helped the economy there.”


She surely could.

But Mike’s got a decidedly ulterior motive:

“You know, I think a minute is way too short. They ought to give her a lot more time. The more she talks, the better Donald Trump looks for the next four years.”

Mike’s not alone in his insatiable AOC appetite, though motives — like mileage — may vary:

New York Times writer Wahahat Ali appears to be starting at ground zero — he wants people to know it’s alright for Democrats to not be conservative:

If that’s okay, I’d say AOC is A-OK.

Furthermore, the girl’s no average, run of the mill socialist revolutionary; she’s an outright super hero.


You didn’t know? Who are you? Or…Who dis?

The DNC’S been known to shun a few a time or two (Bernie Sanders and…Bernie Sanders).

Perhaps it’s super unfair for hero Alexandria to not get more time. After all, she’s a Freshman Force.

Meanwhile, AOC’s been in the lab working out a Democrat pen pal program to pummel post office problems and conquer the crisis by sticking with stamps:

And just in case you that still doesn’t make up for an upcoming 60-seconds, here’s a bonus:

Yeah — let’s have more of that Tuesday night. The conference could use a shot in the arm.


Stay tuned for more…at the extravaganza that is the Democratic National Convention.



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