PGA Pro's Car Gets Robbed During San Francisco Tournament, Cops Are Too 'Overworked With Crime' to Respond

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Bryson DeChambeau celebrates after sinking a putt for an eagle on the 16th green during the final round of the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open golf tournament Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)


From the PGA comes a sad state of affairs.

If you weren’t aware, the Professional Golfers Association held its yearly championship this weekend in San Francisco.

As noted by The Daily Wire, player Bud Cauley did well on the TPC Harding Park course.

The pro landed with 1-under par, tying with star Justin Thomas and megamaster Tiger Woods for 37th place.

Bud even raked in 45,000 clams.

But he also lost — and I don’t mean at golf.

It would’ve been nice to just collect his cash and kick back with an Arnold Palmer, but Bud’s choice of parking could’ve benefited from a mulligan.

Cauley made the mistake of leaving his SUV by the curb, and thieves took a turn at it.

Fore! — they smashed his rear left window.

According to an Instagram post, naturally, Bud called the cops.

But he hit a stroke of bad luck:

“Tpc Harding is a great golf course but you can have the rest of that place. My car window got busted in yesterday, in the middle of a busy street and someone stole my backpack. I called 911 and couldn’t get a police officer to come because they were so overworked with crime.”


Way to go, city leadership.

As reported by KRON4, crime in the home of Rice-A-Roni’s become a real San Francisco treat:

Burglars are targeting homes and businesses throughout the city of San Francisco. “Year to date, we have seen almost a 40% increase citywide,” Officer Robert Rueca said. … “As we have gone into the shelter-in-place and more people have been staying home, we have experienced this increase in burglaries. It is disconcerting because most people are home.”

The malady’s been moving on up for quite a while: As per the Wire, in 2018, San Fran saw 598 burglaries, 355 robberies, and 4,461 thefts for every 100,000 residents.

As for Bud’s backpack-boosted break-in, fans on social media expressed condolence:

“How sad… PGA needs to think again before anymore events are scheduled there…  if they truly want to protect players… police are more important than masks.”

Some were more direct than others:

“Sadly that’s the whole SF area for you. It’s sad how that beautiful place turned into a s***hole and fast.”

And several pointed to politics:

“Welcome to liberal San Francisco.”

“What happens when liberal mobs and governments control cities. Vote red.”

“This is the results of ‘defunding’ the police. The sad thing is, everyone on here acts like this isn’t a serious issue. It’s all about principle. You were violated, and the SFPD should have responded to your call.”

“Surprised they left you the rims. #wakeupamerica”


The city certainly has its problems.

I covered such last year…see for yourself:

Sadly, that backpack may have been pooped in by now.

But at least it’s one less pile on the street.

Bud didn’t make clear what was in his backpack, but let’s hope it was toilet paper.



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