Fangs a Lot, 2020: Libertarian Presidential Candidate Cancels Campaign Stop After Being Bitten by a Bat

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It’s 2020, so all bets are off. Think it can’t happen? Whatever it is, think again.

Hence, 2020 Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen couldn’t make it to her campaign rally Saturday morning in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Clemson psychology lecturer would love to have shown up, but her bus tour hit a bump: She got bitten by a bat.


Because of course.

As it so happened, she’d been chomped on by the wild mammal a few days earlier.

Jo — who received the party’s nomination in May — broke the news to supporters Friday night via Twitter:

“I will not be able to attend the campaign rally tomorrow morning. I will be getting a rabies vaccine as a precaution after having been bitten by a bat near the start of this campaign tour!”

But she’d only be out for part of the day:

“I have every intention of participating in the FLAME march, and I will deliver remarks at the #LetHerSpeak rally in Hattiesburg later in the afternoon. The #LetHerSpeak convoy to Hattiesburg is on time and is scheduled to depart at 2 PM.”


Let me pause right here; we’re all thinking it, so let’s go ahead and get it out of the way…

Here’s a tweeted response, perhaps not from a supporter:

I feel better now.

Moving on, political analyst Jeff Greenfield got in on the action:

“Today, the Libertarian presidential nominee was bitten by a rabid bat, and the ex-mayor of Schenectady was killed in a guacamole explosion. Sometimes, it’s best to let the facts speak for themselves…”

About the guacamole thing, that’s not a joke.

Jo tweeted back — the bat wasn’t…crazy:

“I agree, we should let the facts speak for themselves. The fact is, it wasn’t rabid.”

She seems to have a healthy sense of humor about the whole thing:

That’s probably good, since no libertarian has a chance to win the White House.


Or do they–

Back in 1996, she secured the nominee as well.

Here’s The Daily Wire with more:

Her running mate (at the time), an activist and podcaster named Spike Cohen, wrote prior to being selected for the position that he, “as an individual candidate,” has a policy preference for anarchism, according to the libertarian publication Reason Magazine.

Actually, that sounds like a bullseye, given what we’ve seen in major cities as of late.

Gas-masked, ninja-dressed voters: Now’s your chance.

In July, Jo told C-Span she’s in it to prevent wasted votes:

“I think the only wasted vote is one for Trump or Biden, because they’re going to give us more of what we don’t want. If you want higher taxes, if you want more bungling in government, if you want to keep the troops all over the world, if you want more pollution, if you want more expensive health care, then by all means, vote for Trump and Biden.”

Could she win? It seems batty, but I refer to my opening statement.

Good luck to Jo on her recovery. Honestly, I hope she turns into a vampire, because that just seems like what we need right now.

That bat-transferred pandemic vs. the current one: Who ya got?!


Is it just me, or is this how 2020’s going for us all:


This year sucks.

And also, bites.



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