Andrew Cuomo Knows What You're Thinking: Let's Frantically Flee to 'Safe' New York

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo removes a mask as he holds a news conference to announce the opening of a bicycle and pedestrian path across the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, Monday, June 15, 2020 in Tarrytown, N.Y. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)


Let’s talk about a safe place — one to which, at this moment, you’d really, really wanna flee.

Of course, I’m speaking of New York.

At least, such is the case as per Andrew Cuomo.

Despite pandemic problems and — at least in the Big Apple — a surge of murder, apparently, The Empire State’s the place to be.

During his Monday press conference, the governor declared a major victory in the fight against COVID-19, given a July 12th report of no coronavirus deaths. The state hasn’t been able to make that claim since March.

Andrew explained that NY’s pandemic progress has taken the lead over other states, and so people are running into its safe arms.

But here’s the rub: He also said the throngs of refugees may cause a corona uptick.

Here’s Cuomo:

“The problem is you have it now increasing in 40 states across the nation. How do you keep the virus in 40 states (from) coming into New York? We now have people coming to New York, fleeing the other states. Because it’s the ‘safe’ state. So we have people coming here just for the purpose of fleeing the virus in their state. Really, the only answer is those other states have to get the virus under control.”

So how safe is New York? Or New Yorkers?

Well, Frank Sinatra’s favorite city — home to over 40% of the state’s population — ain’t exactly a shelter from the storm.

As I covered Saturday, violent crime — including murders, shootings, and burglaries — has skyrocketed. Compared to last year, shootings have increased by 61 percent, and shooting victims in total have increased by 70 percent.


Last year’s murders as of Saturday: 294. This year’s: 634.

And all of that, of course, comes as NYPD officers are retiring at a stunning rate.

So before New York state rings the bell on safety, it might wanna have a sit-down with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

On Monday, Cuomo was perhaps more interested in telling the President to sit on it:

“[T]he federal government has been incompetent on this situation. The federal government has been in denial on this situation. The federal government has pressured these other states to reopen recklessly, which they did.”

People should’ve listened to Andrew rather than Donald:

“President ‘Liberate, Liberate, Liberate.’ All the protests against New York, how many times did I get into confrontations with protesters? ‘President Trump says you should reopen the economy.’ I said, ‘If I reopen the economy recklessly, all it’s going to do is increase the virus. And if the virus goes up, the economy’s gonna have to close back down. No, no, no.’ Which is exactly what happened to these other states. Their mistake was they listened to the President.”

The governor might be over-dancing his jig.

Here’s The Daily Wire with some thumbtacks for the dance floor:

New York continues to have the highest total number of cases of the virus among U.S. states at roughly 435,000. It also has the highest total number of deaths from the virus at nearly 33,000 and the second highest number of deaths per 1 million people, behind only New Jersey.

Cuomo has aggressively denied accusations that a measure he took early on that led to coronavirus-positive patients being forced into nursing homes with uninfected residents led to his state’s relatively high death toll. His administration conducted a study of New York’s response to the virus and blamed nursing home workers for spreading the virus among the state’s elderly, not his controversial policy.


Yeah, he might wanna tone down the victory dance.

But maybe not. Let’s get up a group migration — who’s ready to “flee” to New York?



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