Buncha Babies in Charge? Fired Teacher Claims His Pro-Trump Tweeting Got Him in Twouble

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Welcome to America. There are a few things you might wanna know:

  1. We have 50 states
  2. Our population’s around 330,000,000
  3. We’re a capitalist nation — any citizen may open his or her own business
  4. Our form of government is federal republic
  5. Donald Trump is our president

Such are the facts and nothing more.

However, an educator — of all things — claims he was fired for pointing out Reality #5.

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, Michigan social studies teacher says he was hauled into HR recently over a stating of the obvious.

Take a gander at the coach’s July 6th tweet:

“I’m done being silent. @realDonaldTrump is our president. Don’t @ me.”

Purportedly, shenanigan followed.

Here’s Justin:

“I was required to meet with [human resources], the superintendent, and my principal [on July 10]. They initially took my statement on why I tweeted those tweets and they told me they would have a decision about my future employment in the upcoming days. When they completed the meeting, I was told I had the option to either be fired or resign.”

Kucera says his post was in support of the Commander-in-Chief’s speech about reopening schools.

And to hear him tell it, he wasn’t trying to be political:


“I know a lot of people are just rooting for Trump to fail, and I don’t think that anybody should do that. Agree with him or not, you should want the president to do well. I apologized that [my tweet] brought so much negative attention, but I’m not sorry for what I said.”

What’s more, per the Free Beacon: You know those teachers in school that everyone hated? Justin was the opposite:

Kucera was a popular figure at the high school before the episode, according to parents and former teachers. Even his detractors lauded him on social media as they condemned the tweet. One student said she would need to find a new “favorite teacher” after seeing the missive. Multiple sources said that the teacher never brought politics into the classroom.

Bryant Hixson, a recent Walled Lake Western graduate, said his political views have no impact on how he views his coach and teacher.

“Prior to Mr. Kucera’s tweet, I cannot recall an instance where he shared his political affiliations while teaching or coaching,” Hixson said. “My political views have no impact on how I feel towards Mr. Kucera. Mr. Kucera has always been supportive of me as my AP World History and student leadership teacher and as my baseball and basketball coach.”

“Now wait,” you’re probably thinking. “The above paragraph references a political affiliation. Might there be more?”


Indeed there is, my friend.

According to RedState’s Brad Slager on Twitter — aka the venerable Wuhan Solo — there was another, less universal tweet courtesy of Coach J.

The July 6th post to which Brad refers — which can be seen here — asserts the following:

“Liberals suck man.”

Might that serve to lessen the high school higher-ups’ appreciation of Mr. Popular?

Even so, as relayed by the Beacon, a double standard seems at play:

Other Walled Lake teachers have expressed their political views without any repercussions. Paulette Loe, a now-retired Walled Lake Western teacher, encouraged students to read an article from the Atlantic about “how to beat Trump” while still employed. Nicole Estes, a kindergarten teacher in the district, called Trump a “sociopath” and a “narcissist” on Facebook in 2016 and is still employed at Keith Elementary School. Neither Loe nor Estes responded to requests for comment.

I remember not so many years ago a trending topic of conversation: Could/should people’s social media posts ever be cause for their firing? From corporations at the time, as I recall, the pervasive answer resounded like a bell: Nope.


But now, we’re all dancing to a different dong.

Or gong. And these days, Chuck Barris might pop up at any time.

Personally, I can imagine cases where online entries might justifiably result in dismissal.

But generally — where employment and tweeting are concerned — I think it’s better if, as the saying goes, “never the twain shall meet.”

Sadly, in 2020, that ship has sailed.

That twain has left the station.



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