Radio Hosed: DJ Gets Fired Over Her Own Posted Video Blasting Landscapers Speaking Spanish (VIDEO)

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Radio host Dianna Ploss got in some very hot water for yelling at a work crew Friday about their language.

The problem wasn’t their vulgarity, but rather, their Español.

To be clear, she wasn’t on the air; she was out in it — in downtown Nashua, New Hampshire.

In an Instagram video posted to the account Crazy Karens, Dianna confronts the landscapers.

And in her case, “DJ” may stand for Ditto Junkie: If repeating herself is wrong, the lady doesn’t wanna be right. At all.

Evidently, she’d overheard the workers’ boss speaking to them in a foreign tongue. She wasn’t much for it.

“[I]t is America,” she points out in the clip. “It is America. You should be speaking English. You should be speaking English. They work for the state? You should be speaking English.”


One of the men replies, “We don’t work for the state.”

“What do you work for?”

Someone says they work for “a company.”

After that, Dianna sort of one-track-minds it while a worker asserts, best I can tell, that “there’s no such thing” as an official American language.

She makes clear — she’s into English. She’s into English. The woman’s into English:

“[E]nglish. It doesn’t matter. It’s still English. It’s English. English. English.”

She switches gears for a sec: “Is anybody here illegal? Are these guys illegal? What’s the name of this company?”


“Look at this — It’s America. Speak English. Speak English.”

Next, Dianna explains to the 177,000+ future viewers of her self-ruin:

“This is a foreman working for this company, Morin’s. And he’s speaking…Spanish to these guys. So your tax dollars appear [indecipherable]. That’s what’s going on here. That’s what’s going on here. That is what’s going on. … This is communism. This is communism. Look at this — they’re taking over these streets. What they’re doing up here in Nashua is permanent. Permanent. … I wanna know — where’s Governor Sununu? Where’s Governor Sununu?”

A bystander who’d been eating lunch outside walks over. He inquires, “What’s your problem?”

She’s fit to be tied:


“Are they in America? Okay, they should be speaking English. They should be speaking English. They should be speaking English.”


“Are they illegal aliens? They don’t speak the language? Do they not speak the language? Do they not speak the language?”

He accuses her of harassment, but she attempts a turning of the tables:

“So this guy decided that he’s gonna come over here and be a social justice warrior. … Because he’s a black man, and he’s gonna protect the brown man from this white woman who’s [practicing] white privilege, because she happened to walk by and heard this guy talking to all of these guys doing this work in Spanish.”


Subsequently, a trip over to the WSMN1590 website reveals a big ol’ pop-up:

Dianna Ploss is no longer associated or affiliated in any way with WSMN or Bartis-Russell Broadcasting, LLC. We at WSMN value freedom of speech, freedom of expression and assembly. We will not tolerate discrimination, racism or hatred. We continue to present and offer on air opportunities for discussion, education and the exchange of opinions and ideas.

That was quick.

Did WSMN value her freedom of speech?

Either way, a portion of the audience didn’t appreciate her mantra-filled movie: As noted The Daily Caller, a petition for her removal from the mic garnered over 12,000 signatures.

In response to the canning, Dianna posted the following:

That is, of course, correct — language and race are not the same thing.


As for the incident, Dianna doesn’t seem like the coy type — her radio show’s slogan is “Where the Truth Hurts.” So I suppose she was only being herself.

But on a hot day such as July 10th, she might’ve done better just to have a Coke and a smile. Or maybe even a Mexican one — those have pure cane sugar, and they’re delicioso.

Instead, she entered herself into the Karen Canon.

But I think she’ll survive — she seems like a real fighter:

I believe her.

What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts?

In English, please.



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