Virginia's Largest School District Adopts New 'Anti-Racist' Curriculum

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If you’ve got a child in Virginia’s Fairfax County school system, your little tyke’s about to get a whole new perspective on history.

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, the state’s largest school district has created a new “anti-racist” and “culturally responsible” curriculum.

The program — which could debut as early as the fall — comes courtesy of a collaboration between Fairfax educators and those of other Virginia districts.

And here’s something of note: It employs a framework based — in part — on Teaching Tolerance — the educational branch of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC, according to RedState’s Jeff Charles last year, is “the nation’s leading institute for race-baiting and progressive thought.”

And as part of progress, kids in 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 11th grades will now “examine materials, events, and institutions critically attending to power, position, and bias.”

The school system’s social studies coordinator, Colleen Eddy, believes the new lessons address education’s lack of “diverse perspectives” and the “overrepresentation of white and Eurocentric history.”

So what will your adorable young skull full of mush learn?

Well, Teaching Tolerance — as relayed by the Free Beacon — says “the United States was founded on protecting the interests of white, Christian men who owned property.”

That’s part of TT’s plan for 3rd-5th graders.


Teaching Tolerance also asserts slavery was foundational to the nation’s economic growth, and that the founding documents were written to preserve slavery.

Might those points hint at the new curriculum’s perspective?

Back to the label of “anti-racist,” the term means a might more than simply not being racist.

On June 4th, CNN provided an AR crash course.

Here’s a sampling:

Being anti-racist means more than ridding yourself of racist attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. It means you’re also actively fighting that reprehensible trinity as it manifests in your life on a daily basis.

Donating to activist organizations and protesting injustices are definitely good starts to becoming an ally. But that’s not enough. Actively rebutting prejudices in your own circles is key to lasting change, as those ideas and beliefs — unless challenged — are what our children absorb and are woven into the fabric of our culture.

Some white people know that to become anti-racist, they must start to listen and brush up on the history of racism in their countries.

Some people are describing obviously racist behavior as the tip of the iceberg — calling people racist names or threatening people on the basis of race. Then there’s the part of the iceberg that’s not easily visible to people if they’re not looking. This includes a range of subtle but insidious attitudes, behaviors and policies.

Among these are microaggressions. They are brief and commonplace verbal, behavioral or environmental indignities, Tatum said.
Microaggressions can be intentional, unintentional or even well-meaning, but they communicate hostile, derogatory or negative racial assumptions to the receiver. And they have an insidious effect on a black person’s psyche and continuing racist assumptions.


Three such microaggressions:

  • “Don’t blame me. I never owned slaves.”
  • “All lives matter.”
  • “I’m colorblind; I don’t care if you’re white, black, yellow, green or purple.”

Education is evolving, and so will society. Are you anti-racist? If not, perhaps in the not-too-distant future, your kids can school you.



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