The Brutish Are Coming: Cancel Culture Goes After Broadway Smash and Slaveholder-Adjacent 'Hamilton'

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FILE – In this June 12, 2016 file photo, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of “Hamilton” perform at the Tony Awards at the Beacon Theatre in New York. The Kennedy Center will be taking the unprecedented step of bestowing a “special honor for groundbreaking work” on the four co-creators of the blockbuster genre-bending musical Hamilton. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)


In writer Sarah Lee’s July 3rd “Marble Halls & Silver Screen” entry, she recommended RedState readers catch Hamilton on Disney Plus:

I encourage everyone to watch because in the Cancellation Age we must find ways to unite and celebrate our shared history before the destroyers can be convinced all vestiges of it need to be erased. And if we can keep Hamilton, it makes it harder to argue that we can’t keep Gone With The Wind. And we’re better off if we keep it all.

So…can we keep it?

Some woke critics are now saying No.

On Monday, the Daily Mail announced, “#CancelHamilton sweeps the internet with calls for the musical to be AXED after its debut on Disney Plus over criticism of the Founding Father for his role in slave trade.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the particulars of the show’s success, according to, it’s grossed a mind-blowing $650,000,000 in ticket sales since opening in 2015.

And from the Chicago Tribune in January:

Hamilton ends its run of over three years here on Sunday as the most financially and, arguably, artistically successful theatrical attraction in the history of Chicago. By the time Miguel Cervantes, its star from the beginning, takes his final bow as Alexander Hamilton around 5 p.m. at the sold-out CIBC Theatre, the Chicago company of Hamilton will have rung up more than $400 million in gross sales at the box office.

No other show in the Loop ever has come close to that kind of money. Or to such popular appeal and critical acclaim.


But now the acclaim is downright critical.

Though the show portrays featured character Alexander as — per one of its songs — a “young, scrappy, and hungry” immigrant who’s passionately determined to end slavery, not everyone’s in agreement with that characterization.

From the Mail:

[I]n light of recent Black Lives Matter protests, the story has now come under greater scrutiny – with some pointing out that Hamilton was a slave trader.

The Founding Father married into a prominent New York slaveholding family, and managed the sale of slaves for his in-laws. He also did accounting for a Caribbean trading company that engaged in the slave trade.

Though he likely never himself owned slaves, Twitter’s aflutter with flames and flogging for the fella:


Actor Michael Rappaport’s definitely onboard the trample train:

As it turns out, the theatrical extravaganza not only culturally appropriates, but it’s that absolute worst of all contemporary things — problematic:

There was even this:

Some say the Left eat their own, and there’s good evidence a bit of cannibalism is afoot.

This was Lin back in May:


Even still:

And it isn’t just your average everyday run-of-the-mill naysayers. Here’s self-identified “international human rights activist” Ajamu Baraka:

Furthermore, historian Annette Gordon-Reed told The Harvard Gazette:

“He was not an abolitionist. He bought and sold slaves for his in-laws, and opposing slavery was never at the forefront of his agenda.”

So will the musical make it through? I’d say Yes — money talks, and The Offended mostly just type.

Apropos, they can put this in their pipe and smoke it:

  • 11 Tonys
  • $1 billion gross worldwide

Back to Sarah Lee’s piece, I’d say Hamilton won’t be Gone With the Wind any time soon.

Then again, I thought George Washington would never be deleted from history.





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