'Guardians of Gotcha': Bill Maher Lampoons the Vicious Sport of White Left-Wingers Out-Woking Each Other

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On Friday, Bill Maher called out cawing Caucasians.

During his New Rule segment, the host of HBO’s Real Time fingered white people “culturally appropriating” black Americans’ protest of prejudice.


Here’s how he put it:

“Black people have to demand that white people stop culturally appropriating how mad they are about racism. It’s great that [they] have finally joined the fight for racial justice in unprecedented numbers, but hating racism the most? You can’t steal that.”

Bill’s certainly right that white Americans are shouting about racism against black people. In fact, some are shouting about it…to black people.

Want a fantastic example? I’ve got one (Language Warning; the same goes for all the videos in this article):

“Today’s Schedule: 10:00 a.m., Yoga. 11:00, Solve Racism By Yelling.”

A few responses to that occurrence:


I’d guess Bill might be unimpressed as well.

The host brought up the recent case of Victor Sengbe, a black man whose exercise rigging in a public park was, according to some, a noose.

Maher played a clip of Victor marveling, “Out of the dozens and hundreds and thousands of people that have walked by, no one…has thought that it looked anywhere close to a noose.”

Yet, as noted by Bill, “Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf wasn’t gonna let all that cheat her out of a chance to signal her virtue.”

At a press conference, Libby had taken a shot at the bizarre.

“These incidents will be investigated as a hate crime,” she said.

And there was this:

In actuality, Bill pointed out, intentions “do matter.”

To the comedian, it seems, white left-wingers are in a race of wokeness and tripping each other along the track:


“A few weeks ago when everyone was posting a black square on Instagram, Buzzfeed wrote, ‘Influencers, it’s a privilege to post a black square and then go back to your usual content.’ As opposed to what — abandoning your life and just posting a black square every day? People got called out for not posting the square, then for just posting it without speaking out. And then for posting and speaking out, but not voicing their support in the exact way that was set in the Decoder Ring. They were helping wrong.”

Bill lampooned the rules of the Lords of Light:

“You want to be a good ally, but not too good or you’re being a ‘white savior.’ Use your voice, but don’t make it about yourself. But speak up, unless it’s your time to just listen. And then silence is violence – even though sometimes silence just means someone works two jobs and has three kids. They have baby food on their shirt, not hate in their heart.”

In the end, this was Maher’s takeaway:

“I worry that the kind of tension that the ‘Guardians of Gotcha’ are creating is going to make people afraid to mingle at all, and thrust us back towarsd a resegregation of sorts where instead of just seeing a person and not a color, now we’re only seeing color. Maybe this is old school liberalism talking, but I don’t think that’s the way to go.”

If he doesn’t want people categorized by color, he may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But I’ll second his motion.


Until then, there’s justice to be achieved — by screaming at people unintelligibly:

And the revolution rolls on…



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