Sometimes They Fight Back: A Man Throwing Rocks at Cars in Chicago Gets Wrecked (VIDEO)

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An Atlanta Police Department vehicle burns as people pose for a photo during a demonstration against police violence, Friday, May 29, 2020 in Atlanta. The protest started peacefully earlier in the day before demonstrators clashed with police. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)


At the moment, it appears people can get away with a lot. Just take the new nation of CHAZ, which has recently changed its name to CHOP (Note: That’s not an improvement) — a bunch of people took over 6 blocks of Seattle and nobody stopped ’em.

Wanna burn something down or blow something up? Now’s your chance — it looks like the law’s stepped out to smoke a cigarette.

[Not really: Absolutely do not ever burn anything down or blow anything up; I was being facetious]

But even without badges and flashing lights taking action, sometimes aggression meets its match, via people defending themselves.

Such an incident was captured on video and posted to Twitter Monday.

There’s very little context to the clip, but it shows a man standing on a Chicago sidewalk, seemingly randomly throwing large rocks at cars passing on the highway.

Out in front of Jimmy D’s Body and Fender Shop Inc., he flings an object toward a white car and misses.

The vehicle comes to a halt.

Then flies UFO #2.

Given the wealth of chaotic footage we’ve seen lately, one might expect no fallout whatsoever.

But in this case, Mr. White Car took matters into his own hands.

The sedan makes a U-Turn and confronts the nefarious Nolan Ryan in a rather direct way.

See for yourself, but be warned: The video depicts violence, as well as some rough language courtesy of the cameraman. Viewer discretion is advised.


It’s a good reminder: Civility is a virtue.

So the next time you’re thinking of throwing rocks, or bricks, or doing other damage to people or property, maybe think twice: There are a lot of white cars on the road. And a lot of people who may not think you rock.

Stay safe, America.



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