Hillary's Press Secretary Joins the Revolution: 'Defund the Police'

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waves to well-wishers following an appearance at Barnard College with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Monday, Jan. 7, 2019, in New York, where the pair called for codifying abortion rights into New York State law. The two Democrats shared the stage Monday where members of the state Legislature and women’s rights advocates cheered Clinton as she said the struggle for women’s equality “continues to be the fight of our lifetime.” (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)



On Wednesday night, Brian Fallon — press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign — offered a slick way to fix the nation’s problems: Defund the police.

Bold move.

Personally, I can think of more than three — more than four, even — reasons that might be a bad idea.

And I’ll offer this: Closing up shop on law enforcement would result in anarchy.

But anarchy, in every case, is merely a bridge — always, from chaos will come order.

And after a grand reshuffling of the deck, the strong will rise to rule the weak.

That’s one response to Brian.

There were others, on Twitter:


Even Ted Cruz joined the match, launching quite the cinematic serve:

“Hillary’s press secretary makes the 2020 Dem agenda clear: ‘Defund the police.’ Take your guns. Cheer on the rioters and looters who burn your city. It’s like Mad Max at Thunderdome, brought home to America.”

He’s not wrong:


Arizona Senator Tom Cotton joined, too, ripping into anti-order elites:

“Wealthy liberals like Hillary Clinton’s former press assistant have no problem calling to defund the police — they can live in gated communities and hire security guards.”


Personally, I believe America is in need of law enforcement reform. But getting rid of it??

How many people tweeting such a thing would be comfortable when the strong come, and there’s no one stronger to call?

It seems to me the last few days have made one thing clear: Of all the things the country needs — and there may be many — chaos isn’t one of them.



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