Thought to Have Been Lost in the Fire and Frenzy, a Treasure From America's More Noble Past Returns Home

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FILE – In this Sept. 8, 1945 file photo, an journalist stands on rubble near the shell of a building that once was a movie theater in Hiroshima, Japan, a month after the first atomic bomb ever used in warfare was dropped by the U.S. in World War II. (Stanley Troutman/Pool Photo via AP)


What a different country we were in the 1940’s. If anyone from that time were transported to today, would they recognize the America they loved?

Long ago, young volunteers from New York to LA risked their lives for the greatest nation on earth. These days, many risk imprisonment to tear it down — literally, brick by brick.

But amid the recent destruction and theft, this week, a stolen bridge to the past returned home.

As reported by The New York Times, on Saturday, agents of chaos (not to be confused with protestors peacefully opposing injustice) invaded Reno City Hall.

On the other side of the mayhem, a flag was missing from a display box on the first floor.

Officials thought it might have been one of the banners set ablaze by the mob.

The flag meant quite a lot: It once flew over a WWII Navy ship.

What a symbolic loss — an emblem of those fighting for America, destroyed by their children’s children’s children — who were now, many might say, raging against it.

But Thursday, something amazing occurred: Television station employee Kenzie Margiott received a package.

She opened the box to find the flag, perfectly preserved.

A note was attached:

“Needed protecting. Looters were flag-burning. RIP Gorge [sic].”


Apparently, someone had taken the flag during the havoc, in order to keep it safe.

More from The Daily Caller:

The flag was from the U.S.S. Reno, a [ship] used during World War II that supported carriers that sent air attacks against enemy forces on islands outside Japan. It also protected a fleet against an aerial attack at Iwo Jima, according to the Reno Gazette Journal.

Per the Times, Reno Vice Mayor Devon Reese teared up over news of the historical treasure’s homecoming:

“As a country and a community, we’ve been having a rough couple of days. The idea that someone returned the flag just gave me a little more faith in humanity.”

Me, too, Devon. Me, too.



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