Believe Who? The Women's March Gives Handsy Joe Biden Two Enthusiastic Thumbs

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FILE – In this Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 file photo, a marcher carries a sign with the popular Twitter hashtag #MeToo used by people speaking out against sexual harassment as she takes part in a Women’s March in Seattle, on the anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Six months after bursting into the spotlight, the #MeToo movement has toppled scores of men from prominent positions and fueled a national conversation about workplace sexual harassment. Questions abound about the movement’s staying power, but there’s ample evidence that its impact will be durable. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)


It seems like almost yesterday the Women’s March was sockin’ it to Trump. And they were no fans of Brett Kavanaugh, what with “Believe All Women” and all.

But it’s a new year and a new day and a new attitude. It appears a new philosophy’s taken hold: Due process is the name of the game, and automatically affirming the statements of females is no longer a moral requirement.

Case in point: The Women’s March has given sexually-accused presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden the A-Okay.

Tara Reade, Schmara Reade.

But to be clear, the March did, for a moment, break with some other more Joe-friendly groups. As noted by The Daily Wire, weeks ago, the organization called for Joe to address the allegations made against him by his former aide.

Since then, Biden’s hit the charges head-on — by saying he didn’t do it.

Apparently, that’s now enough.

If only Brett Kavanaugh had known — he’d have just denied the claims of Christine Blasey Ford and saved himself a world of trouble.

Let’s take a walk down Memory Lane, at a time when a woman said a Supreme Court nominee had assaulted her over 30 years prior in a room alone, and there was zero proof the two had ever met:

Back to the present, the Women’s March has evidently found its way to peace. Last month, they demanded Biden “address the allegations about his behavior and clarify his policy on sexual assault, harassment, and consent.”


Fast forward to a May 1st interview with MSNBC, which you can view below.

I’ll summarize it here:

MSNBC: Did you do it?
Biden: No.

And today, the Women’s March is aboard the train to Bidentown:

“We are glad to see @JoeBiden take a step in addressing this issue head-on. This is what is necessary to create a culture where survivors can come forward without fear of reprisal. We’ve come a long way on this, but still have a long way to go.”

In fact, as per the March, now Joe’s in a better position than ever to take the White House:

“To those concerned about what this means for the election: By addressing these allegations, we are improving our chances of winning in 2020. As we saw in 2018, when women are respected and empowered, we turn out in force.”

Way to go, Joe — you were accused of something terrible, and all it took was an effort similar to Steve Martin’s napkin trick:


At least Brett will know for next time.



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