Utah Freeway Cop Pulls Over Possible Drunk Driver, Turns Out It Was Just a Kindergartener

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FILE – In this March 1, 2016, file photo, the new Lamborghini Centenario is presented during the press day at the 86th International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland. (Martial Trezzini/Keystone via AP, File)


When I was a kid, I loved to ride through the neighborhood, the wind racing by.

In an age of iPads and smartphones, it’s great to know little tykes are still partaking in that great American pastime of hitting the open road.

Such was the case for a 5-year-old recently in Ogden, Utah.

But in the little boy’s case, the police stepped in to slow his roll — end it, even.

In Officer Rick Morgan’s defense, the child was swerving.

The state trooper lit his lights, but the boy kept wheelin’ on.

So Rick switched on the siren.

That finally made the moppet stop it.

Paused and pulled over, there was still no need for the kid to put down the kickstand — easy rider Adrian Zamarripa was in a Dodge Journey.

I know what you’re thinking — that’s a big bus for someone under six.

But the tank-like build probably made it easier to manage on Interstate 15.

Still, that power steering couldn’t keep the SUV sufficiently straight.

Rick recalled to CBS News:

“I approached the vehicle, and I was expecting to find somebody who needed an ambulance or paramedics.”


He was surprised to find “a very underaged driver…behind the wheel.”

Was the miniature motorist gonna get a ticket? Adrian must’ve been anxious — he was on the edge of his seat.

Then again, he had to be — to reach the pedals.

Rick’s dash cam recorded an interrogation of the tiny traveler:

“Where did you come from? How did you get this car?”

Adrian cleared it all up: He was on his way to his sister’s house. In California.

He had a ways to go — as relayed by Salt Lake City’s KUTV, the intrastate escapee had only made it two miles from his house.

But the trek was gonna be worth the wheeling — Adrian informed another trooper he planned to buy a Lamborghini once he reached Cali.

Good choice — less distance between the bucket-style chair and the floorboard.

He’d been motivated by his mom: She’d told him he couldn’t have one.

Unfortunately, the acquisition was usurped — the cruel cops commandeered the vehicle.

And dang it — Adrian even showed the popo his wallet, packed with $3.

It’s unclear whether that was for the Lambo or a bribe.

Either way, police contacted his parents, who picked up their ambitious outlaw and his getaway car.

Sidney Estrada — another of Adrian’s sisters — explained to CBS2 how the grand theft auto was accomplished: She fell asleep while watching the kids. Her mom and dad were at work.


“I saw that the truck was gone, and he was gone, and the keys were gone.  … I don’t know what went through his mind.”

Apparently, it was this:

And maybe this:

Unfortunately, things went another way:

But Adrian still went out like a boss. The following day, he flashed the Peace sign to the news:

The kid got treated to a trip in his dream machine:


So let that be a lesson: If you steal a car, you may get rewarded with a ride in a quarter-million-dollar Italian coupe.

All the attention brought opportunity — KSLT reported:

The offers continued to come in…including a company in California that wants to fly him out to see some Lamborghinis.

Lastly, here’s a reminder for all you highway hotheads: The next time you find yourself frustrated by a car careening as if controlled by a kindergartener, cool your jets and cut ’em some slack — there’s a chance it is.




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