'Vanity Fair' Declined to Run Reade Story but Went to Kavanaugh's High School to Dig up Dirt

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Is Vanity Fair…fair?

As you may have noticed — and as I put it not long ago — among a host of left-wing grasshoppers jumping at the chance to champion Christine Blasey Ford, where Tara Reade’s concerned, they’re all crickets.

On April 30th, a New York Times article queried, “Why Won’t TV News Book Tara Reade?” To be clear, as noted by The Daily Wire, the Times itself “took 19 days to report [the former Biden aide’s] allegations.”

Media like the Times, as per the piece, “waded in carefully.”

So did, as it turns out, Vanity Fair. In fact, they had a chance to jump in but wouldn’t touch the water with a toe.

From NYT:

The reporter, Rich McHugh, had taken the story to Vanity Fair first, which declined to publish it, a spokesperson for Vanity Fair confirmed.

Writer Rich’s story ended up running courtesy of Business Insider, and now VF appears to be framing the issue as right-wingers converting to an embrace of believing women. Just check out the titillating title of their April 29th take: “Conservative Media Appears Ready to ‘Believe Women’ Against Biden.”

The magazine points out, that, “Over the past few days, Reade, a former Biden Senate staffer who accused her then boss of assaulting her in 1993, has given multiple exclusive interviews to FoxNews.com and the Daily Caller, a conservative site cofounded by Tucker Carlson. No new details corroborating the allegation, which Biden’s campaign has repeatedly denied, have been brought to light during these talks.”


The piece does claim something correct: that some conservatives are making observations such as this:

That, it seems to me, is the larger response of those on the right. It isn’t that they’re “ready to believe” against Biden. It’s that they’re stunned by the inconsistency of those who were shouting that any women who say things are necessarily all women who are right.

Watch with wonderment:

Speaking of a colossal clam-up, here’s TDW with some knockout news:

Vanity Fair, which is now criticizing conservative media for covering the Reade allegations, sent reporters to Kavanaugh’s high school to try and dig up dirt on the institution in order to smear the judge, as The Daily Wire previously reported. That report included numerous errors and corrections and was unnecessary in the first place. Kavanaugh had already been confirmed, and so the article was simply a hit piece on his high school out of spite.

Sweet Jiminy!

In fact, compared to two years ago, it seems that might be a good name for Vanity Fair (although this guy seemed to appreciate all whistleblowers):




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