Hey, #TimesUp - Wanna Believe All Women? Nope. CEO Praises Biden's 'Transparency'

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Not long ago, the #MeToo movement built up quite the lather — we were being told by some that any woman who says something is automatically right.

But now, America’s presumptive Democratic nominee is being accused. Suddenly, we’re not supposed to do that woman-believing thing.

Such was the case last week, as Tarana Burke — founder of #TimesUp — declined to support Biden whistleblower Tara Reade — despite the fact that Tara’s a woman…and she’s saying something.

In fact, Time’s Up CEO Tina Tchen offered praise for Joe.

She’s grateful for his “transparency.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, as noted by The Daily Wire, Tina served as a senior advisor in the Obama White House — which is to say, of course, alongside Biden.

Here’s a little more background, per TDW:

She’s been active in a number of causes since leaving the White House, including Time’s Up, and even, last year, acted as a go-between, delivering messages from the family of Jussie Smollett, who was then accused of staging his own hate crime in Chicago, and the Cook County State’s Attorney, urging prosecutors to drop the case against Smollett or refer it to the FBI.


Back to Tara, The Washington Free Beacon reports she tried to get help from the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

That was met with a resounding Nope:

An organization created to help victims of sexual assault—but declined to aid Biden accuser Tara Reade earlier this year—is now praising her alleged assailant.

Time’s Up was created to support victims of sexual assault but declined to assist former Biden staffer Tara Reade, who accused the presumptive Democratic nominee of forcibly penetrating her in 1993.

In fact, in an interview Friday with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, here’s what CEO Tina had to say:

“Biden has called for full transparency, he’s called for records to come out—that’s what needs to happen every time these issues come up, and I would suggest that it needs to happen with other candidates who are running for president.”

So is there a double standard going on? Not according to Tina, at least where she and the press are concerned:

“I think the media, throughout the movement for the last two years, I have to say, investigative journalism has done an incredible job in digging into claims and believing women and giving them at least a form in which their allegations can be heard and listened to and investigated.”

Personally, it seems to me that if you want to Believe All Women, then you have to (brace for impact) believe all women. So far as I can tell, Time’s Up isn’t an investigative organization; neither are, functionally and incidentally, the media. Both believed Christine Blasey Ford, despite zero proof she and Bret Kavanaugh had ever met. We know Tara Reade was a Biden aide, so they certainly were at least introduced.


But such is politics. For consistency, I suppose Time’s Up.



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