'Good Morning America' Reporter Gets Caught With His Pants Down - On Live Television

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If there’s one thing anyone who follows the news knows, it’s that sometimes, people are caught with their pants down.

That very thing happened Tuesday on ABC’s Good Morning America.

In a segment tossing the ball to correspondent Will Reeve — at his home — for a moment in time, the show got a leg up on the competition.

A bare one, that is.

The story was about “Pharmacies of the Future” — drones delivering drugs. But to anybody paying attention to the bottom of the screen, it must’ve sounded like, “Blah, blah, blah.”

Will — who is, incidentally, Superman star Christopher Reeve’s son — even gave everyone a hint with the third word here:

“[T]he final leg of prescriptions’ journeys will be done by ground carriers, so people won’t be getting their medication dropped out of the sky into their mailbox just yet. But the companies do say they will scale up the program if it is successful, guys.”

In dressy clothes from the waist up, Will looked to be wearing only boxers.

He showed a good attitude on social media, calling it “mortifying”:



*in the most hilariously mortifying way possible

Tweeters embraced it:

This seemed sensible:


And Misty from Frosted Moms made a good point:

Will’s exposure could’ve been worse, as we learned just recently:

California News Reporter Accidentally Broadcasts Her Husband – Completely Naked

Cutting back to the studio after Reeve’s pantsless presentation, a co-host said, “Very cool. We love it, Will. Thank you.”

I’m taken back to an old joke. I wish she’d asked, “Hey, Will, what are you wearing under there?”



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