A New Swing State Poll Shows Biden Beating Trump, but Is Someone Else Waiting to Swing In?

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Vice President Joe Biden, participates in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios, Sunday, March 15, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)




A new poll shows stumbling Joe Biden getting a leg up.

A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday has Joe beating The Donald by 4% in swing state Florida.

Between April 16th and 20th, the survey asked the following:

“If the election for president were being held today, and the candidates were Joe Biden the Democrat and Donald Trump the Republican, for whom would you vote?”

46% answered in favor of Joe, while 42% went the other way.

Republicans preferred the President 89-7%, Democrats favored the former VP 91-4%.

Among Independents, Biden trumped Trump, 44% to 37%.

There was a substantial difference between men and women: Dudes dug Donald, 47% to 41%, while chicks chose a chief change — Biden as the new Commander, a whopping 51% to 38.

Here’s a bit more detail:

As for black voters, only 8% went with the incumbent; 73% were willing to give the challenger a chance.

In case you were wondering, as noted by The Daily Wire, Trump’s score there is similar to 2016; but Joe’s falls short of Hillary’s 84%.

White and Hispanic groups scored as follows:

W: Trump, 52%; Biden, 40%
H: Biden, 46%, Trump, 38%

Among white residents with a 4-year degree, Biden won out — 51% to 40%. Of those without, Trump trounced the other guy, 58 to 35.


To be clear, the question for black and Hispanic college graduates — so far as I understand — wasn’t asked.

So that’s how things are shaping up, but let me add this: In my view, barring some extraordinary occurrence between now and November, there is no way Biden can win.

Those scores are currently based on our present circumstance of Biden being nowhere and Trump being everywhere.

Joe is barely opening his mouth at the moment; thanks to the pandemic, Donald is live on television every single day.

At at time when both are given equal time — on the debate stage —  Trump will retain his following no matter how much he speaks. Joe will lose voters on a per-syllable basis.

When the rubber meets the road, I believe, people won’t feel comfortable putting into office a man who, respectfully, has obvious and significant medical issues.

The Democrats, it seems to me, have an unelectable candidate. They’re welcome to ride out the loss, but I’m still waiting for Hillary to swing onto the stage with a Zorro mask and carve an H into the podium with her sword.

Are you ready for that? Maybe her mask will be an N95. And her sword will be a broomstick — ’cause she’s sweeping the election.


But it’ll be tough — she blamed 10-year-old computer nerds last time (literally — see here); those boogers will have even more time to hack at her this time around, with all the schools being closed.

How do you see this all playing out? Let us know in the Comments section.



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